Jermaine Jackson launches JACKSON SERIES Jelephant Tourbillon watches: use PROMO CODE MUSJJ17E1 to pre-order yours with 10% off


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Jelephant Tourbillon watch

The first collaboration beteen JHH Entertainment Ltd. and Memorigin. After extensive R&D spanning the globe, Memorigin is proud to present the Jelephant Tourbillon Watch designed by Jermaine Jackson. "Jelephant" is strong and durable, never forgets. It is timeless with amazing memories. This is the "Jelephant - Time that never forgets!" An icon under JHH Entertainment Ltd. The "Jelepahnt" logo engraved on the dial is a symbol of wisdom, power and long lasting, and these are the same elements of watchmaking. Its unique design is a testament to the painstaking attention to detail and dedicated craftmanship of Jermaine and design team. Through this trusted team, the tourbillon's polishing, assembly and quality control is overseen by master watchmakers and their teams to ensure the "perfection of art".

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