Austin Brown Microphone & Guitar (2016-2017)

In 2016, Austin Brown debuted his show Microhone & Guitar show with his first two gigs in Europe in Paris, France. He went on to take his intimate and personal show to the United States in December that same year as a pop-up show at clubs, schools and events. In 2017 Austin continues to perform the show in the United States. 

With a guitar and microphone only (and on some songs accompanied by a guest percussion player), Austin totally killed and rocked it on stage showcasing his talents, his amazing personality, his love for music and premiering a lot of his new songs. In the very up close and personal shows, Austin brings bring love peace, harmony and unity to the audience. Introducing most of the songs with a personal story, the setlist includes both released songs such as “Highway to the sky”, “Groove 92”, “To love her”, songs that have not been released but performed before such as “Slow down”, a Funk Jam, “Roller coaster” and 'Smile", a cover of “Change the world” (Eric Clapton and Babyface) and brand new yet unreleased songs such as "Destructive", “No words”, “Lone ranger”, “Get away”, “She is not for you”, “RAD” and “Anthem of love”.  Fans are able to purchase a VIP ticket to meet Austin before at the show, where he takes his time to meet fans and music lover that come out to support him. 

Date Venue Place Country  
7 June The Hotel Cafe Los Angeles United States  
1 June Soho Beach House Miami United States pop up show
26 May Bitter Thruth Miami United States pop up show
5 April Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2   New York, NY United States  
23 March  Ma Lounge & Theater Los Angeles, CA    United States  
2 February   The Hotel Cafe   Los Angeles, CA United States       
Date Venue Place Country
2 July Théâtre de la Contrescarpe       Paris France
1 July Théâtre de la Contrescarpe PAris France
2 February   Hotel Cafe              Los Angeles, CA    United States