3T in The Netherlands (2014-2017)

The Netherlands is considered the heart of “3T Central” in Europe where 3T have a massive, active and supportive fanbase. The Netherlands is where 3T return regularly to perform special shows for their fans. Fans from all over the globe and countries such as Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, United States and United Arab Emirates travelled to The Netherlands to watch 3T perform live. 

Date Place Venue Event  
26 August 2017 Nijmegen Goffert Park We Love The 90s Festival Tickets
17 September 2016 Amsterdam    Melkweg The Celebration of Chapter III     
16 September 2016 Amsterdam RAI Theater Up Close and Personal  
27 June 2015 Den Bosch Brabanthallen    Q-Music Foute Party  
26 June 2015 Den Bosch Brabanthallen Q-Music Foute Party  
27 September 2014    Rotterdam Ahoy Back2the90s Festival  

In 2014, the T’s performed a half an hour set live during Back2the90s Festival in Ahoy Rotterdam, the venue that first sold out and they played at during the 1997 Brotherhood Tour.

In 2015, 3T performed a half an hour set live twice during the Q-Music Foute Party shows at Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. The setlist included “Anything”, “Can You Feel It”, “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)”, “Rock With You”, “Human Nature”, “Why”, “Stuck On You” and “I Need You” in front of 14,000 people. It was the first time that 3T decided to perform songs of Michael and The Jacksons during a live show.

In 2016, 3T, backed by a 5-piece band, brought two unique concert experiences unlike anything their fans had ever seen before. Taj, Taryll and TJ believed that The Netherlands was the right place to have a 3t Weekend Cedlebration and try out new formats that are planned to be duplicated all over the world.

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of 3T’s monster hit, “Anything” and their multi-platinum selling debut album, Brotherhood. To celebrate these landmarks the T’s decided to create a show that was different than their normal large scale production shows. Taj, Taryll and TJ were able to bring this type of show to their fans and plan to use the show at the RAI as the blueprint for shows like this all around the world. The Up Close and Personal concert showcased a mixture of all the hits, stripped down versions of their songs and some never before performed songs and other surprises at the RAI Theater in Amsterdam. Fans had the chance to choose from a selection of customized packages that range from being a part of behind the scenes activities, like attending sound check, to having lunch with the guys. Ticket packages included the remastered limited collector’s edition of 3T’s album Identity that fans were only able to get their hands on at this show.

The T’s invited their fans to come celebrate the launch of the album, Chapter III and listen to songs off the new album (as well as other 3T classics) performed live, hear the stories behind them and the brothers telling anecdotes about their songs during this more intimate and interactive show called The Celebration of Chapter III at the Melkweg hosted by Fernando Halman.