B.B. Kings Blues Band featuring Tito Jackson (2018)

In October of 2017, Tito Jackson announced that he is joining the B.B. King’s Blues Band and they will embark on a tour together. The rehearsals take place in Memphis, where the B.B. King’s Museum is located as well as the grave of the legendary American blues singer, electric guitarist, songwriter, and record producer and while visiting those places he came up with the idea of carrying on B.B. King’s legacy.

Tito has been spending a lot of time in Memphis where the mighty legend started making history when the two music greats performed together for the first time during the New Year’s Eve celebration on Beale Street. Tito is a blues man at heart and used to perform with his own blues band a few years ago. “I’ve always been a blues player--ever since the day I picked up the guitar, I guess. B.B. King was my hero when I was just a young man--maybe 7 or 8 years old,” Tito said. “To be a person that can play with B.B. King’s band, I’m deeply honored.” For the special collaboration, Tito had his own personally guitar made and named the Gibson guitar after someone close to him. Tito’s guitar carries the name “Katie,” which is what most people call his mother.

Date Venue Place Country
8 September Hayti Heritage Center Durham, NC United States
5 January IP Casino Resort & Spa Biloxi, MS United States
31 December Beale Street Memphis, TN United States