Prince Jackson talks about his late father Michael's as he presents Billboard's top prize to Drake

Prince Jackson made a rare pubic appearance on Sunday at the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday May 21st where he presented the night's top artist prize, that went to rapper Drake. As he took the stage at the T-Mobile Arena, Prince told the audience: 'I’m honored to be here on a show that meant so much to my father and made him the recipient of many awards.' Prince was dressed in white jeans with a dark gray t-shirt, black bomber jacket and black bovver boots. He also wore a pendant around his neck which, he revealed to E!, had once belonged to the King of Pop. 'I don’t take it off. It’s my lucky pendant at this point,' he explained. He went on to speak about how proud he is of his dad who passed away eight years ago next month. 'I’m proud of the success that my father created on his own. He worked and built himself up, Prince said. 'To see everybody here that is either inspired by him or they want to pursue the same goal, it’s inspiring to me and to future generations.'