3T Day: The Music of 3T Magazine (2018 revised version) now available!

In honor of 3T​ Day, (1 Aprill, the birthday of Dee Dee Jackson) Jackson Source​ published a revised and updated version of "The Music of 3T Magazine"! This print publication offers a complete and update look at over 25 years of music (and more) by Taj Jackson​, Taryll Jackson​ and TJ Jackson​ in a 104 pages with tons of high quality images (also including the upcoming single "Fire" and the CD digipack and vinyl picture disc release of Chapter III). Order your print at https://www.peecho.com/print/en/392433

The Music of 3T magazine is a print on demand publication and offered for private use. The publication is not intended for commercial gain or use and no profits are being made.

1 April is Dee Dee's birthday and known as 3T Day. THANK YOU, Dee Dee for bringing your sons Taj, Taryll and TJ in this world who bring so much joy and inspiration into ours. Delores “Dee Dee” Jackson’s mission in life was simple: to protect, love and guide as many people as possible—near and far, family, friend or stranger. To Dee Dee, giving back was one of life’s greatest vocations. She stopped at nothing to make a difference - dedicating her time and resources to raise money for schools, communities, and charities. Simply put, Dee Dee always thrived to make a positive impact in the world. In honor of 3T Day and Dee Dee, make a donation to DEE DEE JACKSON FOUNDATION at www.ddjf.org so 3T can continue to provide an outlet for those who have suffered a loss in life.