Defending Neverland: Statement from The Jacksons

From Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson

"This Wednesday and Thursday Channel 4 is launching an attack on our brother Michael. He is not here to defend himself, so we feel compelled to do it for him.

Michael is innocent of these baseless allegations of child abuse, sexual misconduct and paedophilia. The only thing that Michael was ever guilty of was being naïve to what the outside world may think of those beautiful days that our families and friends all enjoyed at the Neverland ranch.

This film rehashes accusations against Michael that have already been shot down in a court of law.

Michael loved his family, his friends and lived life to the fullest before it was so cruelly taken away. Now that life of kindness and generosity is being tainted.

We are told that the film carefully curates selected extracts from past interviews Michael did in life, strategically edited to answer allegations made after his death - answers to questions that were never in fact put to Michael. This is not a neutral search for the truth, but a kangaroo court-like film made with a clear agenda to sensationally besmirch the good name of Michael.

The subjects of the "documentary" - James Safechuck and Wade Robson - who have come forward now, have absolutely zero credibility and the courts have already assessed that no rational person could believe that Robson is telling the truth.

With no facts, no credible witnesses, no evidence, the film is a hurtful falsehood.

Robson at the 2005 trial gave unequivocal sworn testimony that there was no inappropriate behaviour or abuse and continued to praise and defend Michael against the allegations. Then, years later in 2012, Robson claimed he was sexually abused."