Tito Jackson drops "One Way Street" (The Gregg Pagani Mix)

He may have been one of the quieter members of perhaps the greatest musical family of all time -- the legendary Jacksons -- but Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tito Jackson is still a man with a lot to say musically. Of course he is a great guitarist, but casual fans may not know of his excellent tenor voice. Tito has continued to impress us over the past three years with one strong single release after another. Well, he is back again with a terrific new cut, the Gregg Pagani mix of “One Way Street.” "One Way Street" is the tale of a bad romance, with finger pops and a haunting background leading into a terrific, memorable hook, and Tito's lead giving the perfect vibe. "One Way Street" (The Gregg Pagani Mix) is SoulTracks's newest First Listen. Check it out here and welcome back the legendary Tito Jackson to SoulTracks!