TJ Jackson releases poem "400 Years"

TJ Jackson 400 YearsTJ Jackson made a poem and accompanying video for titled "400 Years" which is a brief look into slavery and injustice to blacks throughout American History. "The most important video I’ve ever made. This was the first time I’ve ever been inspired to write a poem. So many words I needed to say and I didn’t want any restrictions, limits or structure in how to say them. I hate to admit that I learned more about my history and true American History in doing this video than I ever did in school. My goal is simply to open everyone's eyes AND hearts and hopefully inspire us to learn about our past so that we can properly move forward and ensure a better future for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Love always.s," TJ Jackson said. 

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Words by TJ Jackson
Music by Nicholas Britell
Video by Omar Piechurski (Pictogram Studios)

400 Years. 400 Years. 400 Years.
More than 400 years of being treated different.
From slavery
To Jim Crow
To Emmett Till
To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
And it’s still happening today

400 Years and were still in this position
What did we do? So wrong
Try to love us before you crush us

400 Years and it still doesn’t feel like home
If you truly want to understand us
Then you have to learn about us, from us

You have to feel our pain
You have to acknowledge what we know
Please try to love us
Because if you don’t
We’ll never grow as one
Open your heart
Cause we can’t take another 400 years.