Jackson Magazine 2011 edition

Jackson Magazine 2011 collector's edition is a full color A4 format 48 pages exclusive in English published by Jackson Source.  The latest edition includes Jackson Telegraph (news headlines of 2011), articles about Immortal World Tour, Fan Fest, Janet's tour, the trial of Conrad Murray, Releases, book reviews and Michael's children living the legacy, Invincible album 10th anniversary and more!  The magazine also features 10 exclusive interviews (with Jackie, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, La Toya, Taj, Taryll, TJ, Genevieve and Yashi). And of course there is more!  The 2011 edition is now available for shipping.  Order your copy today!


Feedback from the Jacksons
Joseph Jackson (assitant): He absolutely enjoyed it.
Jackie Jackson: Thank you Jackson Source for sending me your wonderful magazine. I love it!
Jermaine Jackson: Great job as always! Thank you.
La Toya Jackson: You did a fantastic job on the magazine! Thank you so very much for the lovely article! Truly enjoyed the read! Keep up the good work!
Taj Jackson: The 2011 edition is incredible!
Taryll Jackson: I haven't read the all of the magazine, but I love what I have seen so far. You really do a great job.
TJ Jackson: The magazine is awesome!
Genevieve Jackson:...oh and by the way the magazine looks great! i love it!
Yashi Brown: I love the picture you choose. Thanks :)
Alejandra Jackson: We just got the magazine, wonderful job!!
Jaafar Jackson: I saw it and it'ss amazing! You did an amazing job on it.
Randy Jackson Jr: I was able to take a look at it and i think you guys did a great job! :)