Family drops Murray claim

The Jackson Family have reportedly given up on receiving a multi-million dollar sum from Dr Conrad Murray. Murray was sentenced to four years in jail and has had his medical licence revoked. The  family was due to begin legal proceedings on Monday to try to extract $100 million in restitution from Murray, but reprtedly they have had a change of heart. A representative from the Los Angeles district attorney’s office has said  that prosecutors were informed that the family are no longer going after the sum so the district attorney withdrew the request for the restitution hearing.


Murray apparently has no money and now that he cannot practice medicine on his release from jail, it is unclear how he will earn an income. The Jackson family are said to have decided it wasn’t worth the time and the energy to try and get something that Murray doesn’t have. Michael’s parents, Katherine and Joe, will now seek a civil action against AEG, who were the concert promoters for the Thriller star’s This Is It tour which he was preparing for when he passed away.