Jackie talks about the Immortal show and Whitney

Jackie and Travis Payne spoke about the Immortal Worl Tour on Larry's Lookon Februry 20th which gives an inside look at what to expect and how much the show means to the Jackson family and those closest to him. They also did an interview for CFnews13.com. In that interview Jackie also speaks about the death of Whitney Houston saying they were "Very, very close." and adding: "We knew Whitney very, very well and she'll be terribly missed. I'm sure her fans are really going through something that's heartbreaking. She - [takes deep breath] I still can't believe it myself, when I think about Whitney because we used to talk to her all the time, Michael and all of us. [We were] very close friends. She did leave us with some great, great music. One of the best singers I've ever heard. She's incredible.