Jaafar Jackson is making music with crypto and tokenizing his debut album with NASGO

NASGO has announced that they are extremely excited about Jaafar Jackson choosing NASGO as the blockchain to support the tokenization of his upcoming debut album connecting him closer to his fans. Jaafar is going to be a superstar and his music and his mission is to provide social impact in the world. Watch Jaafar Jackson and Eric Tippetts, co-founder of NASGO, at the New York Stock Exchange (6 September 2018) discuss how they're 'tokenizing' Jaafar's album using blockchain technology. NASGO is a blockchain platform that connects 3 technologies:
1. Decentralized Hosting
2. dAPP Store
3. Payment Gateway utilizing Digital Currency

3T on Tour in France and Belgium in December

After performing at a sold out Cigale in Paris in front of a loud and very supportive crowd, 3T have announced that they are coming back for a tour in December with dates in France and Belgium. Tickets and VIP tickets are on sale now! 

  • 14 December 2018 PARIS, France Tickets
  • 16 December 2018 BRUSSELS, Belgium Tickets
  • 18 December 2018 MARSEILLE, France Tickets
  • 220 December 2018 BORDEAUX, France Tickets

Scout: a new family addition for Brittny & Robert

Marlon Jackson's daughter Brittny and her husband Robert have welcomed daughter Scout Brittny on 2 August 2018. Scout is a baby sister to Phoenix (born 27 July 2010), Savanna (born 2 September 2011) and Summer (born 27 August2014). Jackson Source wishes the family congrats and lots of fun with the latest family addition. Scout is the 6th grandchild legendary Marlon Jackson and niece to Valencia and Marlon Jr and cousin of Noah and Sophia. 

Skyy: a new family addition for Siggy & Toyia

Jackie Jackson's son Siggy and his wife Toyia have welcomed daughter Skyy Okhi Enid Jackson on 25 August 2018. The middle name is to honor Siggy's mother's Korean and American name. Skyy is the little sister of Jared and Kai. Jared is a son of Siggy from previous relationship and Kai is a daughter of Toyia from a previous relationship. Siggy and Toyia got married last year and can now enjoy their bundle of joy together as a family! Jackson Source wishes the couple congrats and lots of fun with the latest family addition, she is the second grandchild of legendary Jackie Jackson and niece to Brandi Jackson and cousin of twins Jaylen & River. 

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Today 60 years ago, Mrs Katherine Jackson gave birth to her 8th child and fifth son and named him Michael, which means "one who is like God". He truly was and we are blessed to have had this Angel on Earth. Celebrate and remember the magic, the wonder, the greatness, the love, the messages, the music, the artistry, the divinity and the innocence of the Greatest Humanitarian and Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived, Michael Jackson! Happy Birthday, Michael! 

Michael Jackson: Diamond Celebrations

In honor of what would have been Michael Jackson's 60th birthday, a lot of events and tributes are being held all over the globe. We're mentioning just a few.... 

The Diamond Celebration

The Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday Celebration in Las Vegas, coordinated by the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music, the festivities will kick off with an early evening performance of Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil, followed by an exclusive after-party at Daylight Beach Club, both at Mandalay Bay. Fans are expected to flock to Las Vegas from all over the world for the festivities. Michael will be well represented by his family at the event, with children Paris and Prince expected to attend, as well as brothers Jackie, Marlon and Tito. The Daylight Beach Club party, hosted by Sway Calloway, will include interactive elements including activations inspired by Jackson's music videos. The party is for invited guests only, as well as attendees of that day’s Michael Jackson One performance. 

The Picture Disc Collection

The Picture Disc Collection celebrates the everlasting legacy of The King Of Pop in one vinyl anthology! This limited edition box set features picture disc pressings of Michael’s core solo albums (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible), featuring original sleeve artwork and some additional unforgettable images —all packaged in a numbered box with lift-off lid. Each box set is individually numbered. Albums are also available individually. 

Giant Crown

On Wednesday 29th August, for one day only, a Giant Crown will be installed at London’s Southbank celebrate Michael Jackson’s Birthday. The giant, jewel encrusted crown will appear thanks to the efforts of Sony Music in collaboration with the Estate of Michael Jackson and fans are invited to come down and marvel at it on this prestigious day. Standing at 13ft tall, it’s sure to attract the attention of people across the capital and remind them of the Michael’s larger than life persona.

Hugo Boss x Michael Jackson collection

Hugo Boss wants to thrill fans with its latest pop-inspired capsule. Boss is honoring what would have been Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday with a new edition of his white Thriller suit. An updated take on the iconic style Michael wore on his 1982 album cover, the suit is made from lightweight twill with a three-button cuff jacket in a slightly slimmer fit than the one singer wore in the height of the oversized 1980s, and pants with a few less pleats. The Boss x Michael Jackson collection includes three unisex tees to celebrate the king’s diamond jubilee, all of which will be released in Boss stores worldwide on August 29. One washed cotton jersey tee by Graham Dolphin features the Thriller album cover alongside messages from Jackson’s fans; another design shows a silhouette of his signature dance pose.  

On The Wall Exhibition

Celebrate the King of Pop’s Birthday with Michael Jackson: On the Wall at the National Portrait Gallery. To coincide with our landmark exhibition we’re planning a week of special offers and events to mark what would have been Michael Jackson’s Diamond birthday on August 29, 2018. Throughout the week one hundred diamond tickets will be hidden across London. Each ticket will offer the lucky winner and up to five friends, free entry to Michael Jackson: On the Wall, and a copy of the Michael Jackson: A Celebration book. Follow the Gallery’s social media channels and #MJOntheWall for hints about the location of the tickets, as well as other prize giveaways.

Naples: A Celebration for Michael Jackson

In Naples, Italian fans celebrate the legacy of Michael Jackson and 3T attends the event and will also perform. 

Hamburg: massive wall painted

A massive wall was painted in the colour of Michael Jackson to celebrate his Diamond Birthday with will take place on Wednesday 29! The world is getting ready to celebrate the King of Pop!

Eindhoven/Best: MJ Birthday Party

Every year around Michael’s birthday MJJ Tribute Events organizes a party to celebrate Michael’s birthday in the way he deserves. The Global MJ Birthday Party is a day when we honor him, remember him and celebrate Michael’s life and everything he gave to the world. They look forward to welcome you on Saturday the 8th of September 2018 in Best (The Netherlands).


Paradiso hosted a Michael Jackson 60 Haunted Thriller Mansion event on August 25th. 


Brooklyn Celebrated Michael Jackson in style thanks to Spike Lee’s Annual Michael Jackson Birthday Event on August 25th. Brooklyn loves Michael Jackson #BKLovesMJ was a huge success and a huge turn out with special guest like Reverend Al Sharpton. The 8th Annual event took place at Stuyvesant Ave. Between Lexington Ave. And Quincy Street, music from DJSpinna and plenty activities and of course Michael’s music!

Motown on Monday - Michael on Monday
An evening celebrating the birthday and legacy of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles on 27 August at Motown on Monday, including a special screening of Moonwalker. 

Michael Jackson's catalogue garners major new Gold and Platinum Awards

21 Songs and 3 Albums From the King of Pop Earn New Certifications Leading Into Diamond Celebration Of His Birthday

Washington/New York – A week before the worldwide Diamond Celebration of Michael Jackson’s birthday (August 29th), the popularity of the iconic artist and his extensive catalogue shows no sign of slowing down. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced that 21 different songs and three albums, spanning Michael's career, have garnered major new Gold and Platinum certifications.

Some of Michael’s more renown albums and songs are newly multi-Platinum, while other songs are earning Gold status for the first time, demonstrating the enduring interest in Jackson’s extensive catalogue.  The new song awards mean that Michael Jackson enjoys 40 million cumulative digital singles certifications in the US.

“These new awards highlight the enduring legacy of Michael Jackson,” said Mitch Glazier, President, RIAA.  “Michael’s music continues to be a dominant cultural force today.  That’s a testament to his iconic music and to the team that astutely protects his legacy.  As we celebrate 60 years of Gold and Platinum Awards this year, we are proud to recognize once again one of the program’s signature artists.”

“Michael Jackson’s music and short films continue to thrill fans and inspire artists all over the world.  These new certifications are a testament to Michael’s continued legacy,” Richard Story, President CMG, Sony Music Entertainment.

“Michael’s music and spirit has proved exciting and relevant to each succeeding generation, and that is borne out by these tremendous numbers and the kinds of artists who gravitate to and are inspired by his music,“ noted John Branca and John McClain, the co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson. 

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Sony Confesses To Releasing Fake Michael Jackson Music

Three songs, ‘Breaking News’, ‘Keep Your Head Up’ and ‘Monster’ appeared on Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album, Michael in 2010. It debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 228,000 units. Some fans were skeptical when Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment released the album and claimed that some of the tracks were not performed by Michael Jackson but by an impostor. Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, concurred. 

In 2014, fan Vera Serova brought a Class Action lawsuit against Michael’s longtime friend Eddie Cascio and his brother's production company, Angelikson Productions LLC, accusing them of producing fake songs and then selling them through Michael’s estate and Sony Music Entertainment. James Porte, a supposed co-writer of twelve controversial songs of Michael’s including the three stated above, was also named in the case. Eddie and James claimed that these songs were recorded in James’ New Jersey basement in 2007 but failed to provide any concrete evidence to support it. Vera argued In a Los Angeles Superior Court that the songs were fake and performed by an impersonator, Jason Malachi. Vera claimed several inconsistencies in the manner these songs came to fruition, which is supported by a 41-page report by forensic audiologist Dr. George Papcun, who concluded by research that the songs were not sung by Michael.

Vera had several pieces of evidence based on concern from Michael’s support team that the three songs didn’t include the legendary singer’s signature foot taps and finger snaps. 

Sony tried to defend itself and asked Eddie and James to provide alternate vocal takes of these songs. They stated they were deleted. Vera also said that Sony Music and Eddie had been trying to delete evidence of any wrong-doing to ensure the media didn’t notice. 

In December of 2016, lawyers for Sony Music and the estate finally conceded that the songs might actually be fakes. They said that Sony and the Estate had taken Eddie and James at their word and failed to make their own investigation.

The argument was not accepted by the presiding Judge Ann I. Jones of the Los Angeles Superior Court. “What is problematic is that you are ripping people off under your admitted facts,” she said. Zia Modabber, the lawyer for Sony and the Estate, tried to shift the blame on the co-defendants Eddie and James by saying that they “failed to disclose to Sony or the Estate that Michael Jackson did not provide the lead vocals.” Judge Jones did not agree with Zia’s argument: “I think what he is saying here is. ‘We were as duped as the Plaintiffs. We didn’t know you guys were recording stuff in a basement that wasn’t recorded by Michael. You told us it was Michael. We believed it was Michael. And if there is a bad guy here, who was engaging in false commercial speech, it’s not us.’”

Sony and the Estate appealed the ruling, and on August 21, 2018 the California Court of Appeal heard the oral argument in the appeal where Sony Music conceded that the three songs ‘Breaking News’, ‘Keep Your Head Up’ and ‘Monster’ featuring 50 Cent was indeed performed by an impersonator and not Michael Jackson. They did this for the purpose of the current argument on appeal. They argued they had the right to sell the songs as Michael Jackson’s even if the iconic artist wasn’t the singer. The three judges in the case have to now decide on the matter. They have 90 days.

This stage is just an intermediate appeal of Sony and the Jackson Estate’s First Amendment defense. The Court of Appeal will decide whether they should stay as defendants in the case or should be dismissed and allowed to continue selling the album deceptively. The case against Cascio brothers is very strong but the court has to make an important decision regarding Sony’s involvement in the fraud. If the court decides Sony’s part as “non-commercial speech,” they will be let off as defendants and the case against Cascio brothers will move further.

Sony is arguing that the songs were provided to them by the Cascio Brothers and James as original Michael Jackson songs which they believed good faith.

Note: Commercial speech is the advertising of a product or service through printed materials, broadcast or the Internet. It is a commercial speech when your competitor blatantly lies in its advertising about the effectiveness of its products.

Janet Jackson drops new single "Made For Now"

Icon Janet Jackson dropped her new song and music video "Made For Now" with Daddy Yankee, available from on August 17th.