True You paperback

And don't forget to order the paperback version of Janet's best-selling book .

You Are Not Alone paperback

Order your paperback version of jermaine's best-selling book You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through A Brother's Eyes.

Starting Over paperback

Order your paperback version of La Toya's best-selling book Starting Over.

Immortal Tour top touring act in the US

From the Michael Jackson Estate: Great News! Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour is the #1 tour in America and has been since the show’s US premiere in Las Vegas last December 2011, according to Pollstar magazine, the concert tour industry’s leading trade publication. The show is breaking box office records: Over the weekend in Miami, IMMORTAL was sold out three nights in a row and set a new record as the top grossing 3-day run in the history of the American Airlines Arena. Fans around the country have been tremendously supportive, and what’s more, the show’s incredible musical performances, choreography and visuals have drawn new fans to Michael’s music and legacy. It’s the biggest, most successful tour in the country! This is just what Michael would have wanted and deserves. Michael has always been and will always be the Biggest Star in the World thanks to his fans!
Also read: Why Michael Jackson is the Top Touring Act in America, Again by Forbes.

Austin on CNN Newsroom Music Monday

Check out Austin on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin live from Music Monday fat South by Southwest in Austin, Texas!

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Music Monday presents "City of Angels"

Vibe Magazine will be premiering Austin's “Music Monday” song "City of Angels" this Tuesday, March 13th. Fans can of course catch the song today at live.austinbrown.com!

Backpackkids at SXSW CNN Grill

Backpackkids are on the road and are in in Austin, Texas to perform at South by Southwest Festival (SXSW). The first show was March 10th at CNN Grill. Check out AustinBrownFans.com for photos and videos from various sources on social media networks.

Austin to peform at SXSW March 10 and 13

South by Southwebst is an annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, Texas. And Austin and his band are sechduled to perform a 45-minute set on March 13 at 2.30 PM at DMX / Pandora at Clibe Bar. The South by Southwest festival takes place from March 9 - March 18. Austin announced that he will be playing this event during his interview on Jackson Truth Radio (February 21st) and confifmed that he is gearing up for the event on his video interview on Jackson Truth Media. Austin and the band perform another show on March 10th during a private event at the Festival.

Dealz saying thanks for the support

On the March 6th show of Jackson Truth Radio, Dealz took the opportunity to say thanks to all the listeners, followers, fans and supporters of the Jackson Family for helping them through tough times whom he calls "friends and family whom we haven't met yet".