Don't ask Prince Jackson to sing, dance or moonwalk. The 20-year-old son of Michael Jackson joined E!'s Daily Pop and revealed how he's making his own career path, stepping outside of the King of Pop's shadow and into his own realm. Prince has been working behind the camera, helping visualize music videos like that of Swedish singer Nano's "Hold On." However, when people hear that he "produces," everyone is quick to jump to the conclusion that he's producing music. "It's hard because people think that I'm going to dance or people think that I'm going to sing," he told hosts Catt Sadler, Justin Sylvester and Carissa Culiner. "And when they hear 'music' or if they hear 'producer,' they'll be like, 'What song are you working on or who's your artist'...I'm only on the visual side of production. So that part, I guess it's misleading for people." However, he did gain inspiration to get into film from watching his father's music videos.