Billboard debuts Debuts Prince Michael Jackson-Produced "Automatic" Video

Rapper/singer Omer Bhatti plays super hero in the clip for his latest single "Automatic," making its debut on Billboard. Shot in less than a week, the video -- directed by Chris Perez and produced by Michael Jackson's son, Prince Michael Jackson -- was a collaborative artistic vision. "Automatic" serves as the full-length production debut from Prince Michael Jackson's King's Son Productions. Prince Michael, who stars in the clip, says, "It’s inspired by the cinematic music videos that my dad made back in the day. It's hard to describe what it was like working on this video. It didn't feel like work -- I was learning so much from all the crew members as well as having the good fortune to be working with close friends of mine." He continues, "Working on this project felt like the beginning of a dream come true. I remember being on set and seeing the magnitude of the set and realizing, 'Wow, we're really doing this.'" 

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#MJforever - Legends Never Die: Michael Jackson's Legacy Lives on Forever

Today marks seven years without Michael Jackson. The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived passed away on June 25th, 2009. Gone Too Soon. Legends Never Die and his Legacy will Live on Forever. Make sure you do something in the real spirit of Michael Jackson to make the world a better place and provide help to someone in need. 

Daughter Paris, brother Jermaine and nephews Taj and TJ take to Twitter to defend Michael Jackson

In the latest Michael Jackson story, the media is going crazy and lying about new police documents reportedly claiming Michael Jackson kept child porn and photos of animal torture. The fans are very upset, so are Michael's family members and they are taking to Twitter to defend the legacy and honor of Michael Jackson. 

Paris Jackson on Twitter (21 June 2016)
  • Unfortunately negativity will always sell. I urge you all to ignore the trash & the parasites who make a career trying to slander my father.
  • The most pure people are always torn down.. It will continue to be proven that my beloved dad has always been and forever will be innocent
Jermaine Jackson on Twitter (22 June 2016)
  • RT 1: Sadly typical of imbeciles @RadarOnlineCom to recycle 'police report' story containing lies about Michael DISPROVEN long ago.
  • 2: What's more shameful in this age of 'clickbait' is how other media rushed to echo the recycled lie. Research & integrity be damned.
  • RT 3: All available evidence, reports & exhibits shown to jurors in 2005. Found him not guilty. Unanimously.
  • 4: FACT: RT @CEThomson Judge Melville signed off a press statement before trial which said prosecutors had confirmed no child porn was found.
  • 5: FACT: D.A. allowed one of Michael's accusers to handle adult mags at Grand Jury hearings...then bagged them for fingerprint analysis.
  • 6: FACT: One accuser, when shown porn mag, sd yes, that's what Michael showed him. Mag date: Aug 3rd... 5mnths AFTER boy left Neverland.
  • 7: The stitch up lies kept coming in court. Each one dismantled by defense Tom Mesereau. But media didn't trumpet his cross-examination.
  • 8: Thankfully, intelligent jurors scrutinised police's sloppy face-value case & found nothing criminal. Clowns @RadarOnlineCom more gullible.
  • FACT: Example of how the police made 2+2=100. But jurors in 2005 saw through it...

  • Who you going to trust more: the FBI or the low life @RadarOnlineCom? #facts

  • In death, Michael still suffers trial by media but his exoneration is enshrined in court transcripts 'journalists' are too lazy to read.
  • Let Michael rest in peace. Leave. Him. Alone.
Jermaine Jackson on Twitter (23 June 2016)
  • Michael's defense atty Tom Mesereau in : 'It's dated, outrageous, ridiculous information...completely rejected by a jury 11yrs ago"
Taj Jackson on Twitter (21 June 2016)
  • Looking into our legal rights as our band @TheReal3T was mentioned in a malicious article recently for a tabloid website.
  • Not only is there absolutely no truth to this story whatsoever, but I'm truly sick of this crap. #getalife and stop living off ours.
  • What happened to journalistic integrity and the truth. Is it all about making money and selling lies now.
  • Fake news travels fast. The world picked up this trashy story. There's such a race to be first, only a few checked to see if it's even true.
Taj Jackson on Twitter (22 June 2016)
  • A well-timed and planned out smear campaign targeting my uncle’s name. This is cyber bullying at it’s finest. The eagerness and willingness of world media outlets to copy and paste a headline and story from a click bait gossip blog is irresponsible and shameful. No one wishes this done to them, so why is it ok to do this to us?
  • MJfam, I need your help. Lets show the world our love for MJ on June 25th with the hashtag #MJforever. Spread the word now.
Taj Jackson on Twitter (24 June 2016)

While @radaronline is doubling up on its lies after being exposed, we are currently doubling up on our litigation.

TJ Jackson on Twitter (24 June 2016)
  • Lie+Lie+Lie = $$$ Shame on you @radar_online. My bros & I have the GREATEST UNCLE EVER. Leave Him Alone! #MJforever
  • You want to ignore it as it's so obvious they just want clicks for $ but it's incredibly difficult to allow my Uncle's legacy to be lied on.
  • You'd be surprise how "reputable" outlets recycle this garbage & sread to millions hiding behind the reasoning that we didnt directly refute.
Lies run Sprints, but the Truth runs Marathons. 

- Michael Jackson

Gifts from the Heart for Downs: Jermaine Jackson grants wish of Dylan Kuehl

On 17 June 2016, Jermaine Jackson granted the wish of Dylan Kuehl's as part of contributing to Gifts from the Heart for Downs. Dylan is a young man with the syndrome of Down and Gifts from the Heart for Downs is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax exempt organization that works to bring wishes to life for people with Down Syndrome. Jermaine showed Dylan around at the Jackson Family home Hayvenhurst, visited his Mother Mrs Jackson and Dylan showed his art, home-made jewelry and dance moves. The photos and video are courtesy of Bailey Holiver of Baileys Photography.


Austin Brown "Guitar & Microphone" shows in Paris on July 1st and 2nd

Austin announced that he will be performing in Paris with a Guitar & Microphone. The intimate events are his first performances in Europe and take place Friday 1 July and Saturday 2 July at Théâtre de la Contrescarpe, 5 Rue Blainville in Paris. Austin will be playing music from his new album and is looking forward to meeting his fans in Europe who have been supporting him over all the years. Make sure you go support Austin and show him some love. Tickets are available at http://www.theatredelacontrescarpe.fr/austin-brown-concerts-acoustiques


Jermaine Jackson talks Muhammad Ali's impact on his family with Larry King

Tito Jackson performs at 4th Annual E93 Family Reunion on June 11th in Savannah

Tito Jackson will perform in Savannah on June 11 at the fourth annual Family Reunion in Daffin Park. The free event takes place from noon-5 p.m. to celebrate local families with music, games, arts, food and more. Tito will be promoting his new single, “Get It Baby,” and will be available for autographs after the event. Tito is on the road promothing his single and will be making a lot of appearances on radio, TV shows and events. Make sure to follow his official Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram for updates on his appearances. 

Janet Jackson Exclusive Interview Video and Emirates Woman June Cover

Janet Jackson Gives Us An Exclusive Glimpse Into Her World

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Jermaine Jackson presents Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry at Las Vegas International Jewelry Show

The Las Vegas International Jewelry Show (June 2-5) at Mandalay Bay’s convention center in Las Vegas added a little star power, in jewelry and personality, with an appearance from Jermaine Jackson. The show, which sells only to industry retailers, was created by show president Arnold Duke. The show attracts hundreds of vendors from across the United States and around the globe. It is designed with the trade in mind, including concierge service to help guests find what they need most quickly and a convenient, compact layout that will speed viewing. Jermaine Jackson hosted a celebrity jewelry contest on June 4th where attendees had a chance to match celebrity jewelry pieces by Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and others with their celebrity owners. The 50 celebrities whose jewelry was in the collection include: Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Jackie Kennedy, Elvis, and Elton John. Any retailer that correctly matched the celebrities to its jewelry pieces will be allowed to borrow a celebrity jewelry collection for a one week in-store promotion. Visit our Facebook page for photos of the event.