TJ Jackson single "Last Night" out now

After releasing his debut EP Obsession in March of 2020, TJ Jackson is back with his first single off his follow up album. The debut single “Last Night” is a retro dance groove that Jackson feels demonstrates where he is at musically. A sound that is straight from 1980s and 1990s R&B with TJ describing it as “old school R&B with modern elements" and aiming to make music that “will last well beyond today.” The music bideo will drop on YouTube on May 29th. TJ Jackson is on a mission to make his own mark within the incredible Jackson legacy... and beyond! 


Taryll Jackson releases Digital 8: The EP Collection & Bonus Songs

Taryll Jackson is celebrating his 8 years of digital music. Digital 8 released on May 10th and is exclusively available at www.tarylljackson.com

The EP Collection

The EP Collection has 30 tracks. All 15 songs from my his EP's released in 2012: My Life Without You and Undeniable. And 15 new remixes/alternate versions. Purchase and listen at https://www.tarylljackson.com/digital8red

Bonus Songs

The Bonus Songs has 20 tracks that have never been officially released. Most of these songs have never been heard before. Others are "fan favorites" that were never available until now. Purchase and listen at https://www.tarylljackson.com/digital8blue

Note from Tom Mesereau about Michael's Acts of Kindnes

The Estate has asked us to share the attached letter from Tom Mesereau to you. He and The Estate are creating an extensive archive of as many of the acts of kindness that Michael performed during his lifetime as is possible to compile including, especially, the lesser-publicized stories. Please send your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The MJ Online Team will be compiling submissions for this project to send to the Estate and Mr. Mesereau. We all look forward to reading your stories.

Click HERE to read Mr. Mesereau’s letter.

From The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™

Tito Jackson drops "One Way Street" (The Gregg Pagani Mix)

He may have been one of the quieter members of perhaps the greatest musical family of all time -- the legendary Jacksons -- but Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tito Jackson is still a man with a lot to say musically. Of course he is a great guitarist, but casual fans may not know of his excellent tenor voice. Tito has continued to impress us over the past three years with one strong single release after another. Well, he is back again with a terrific new cut, the Gregg Pagani mix of “One Way Street.” "One Way Street" is the tale of a bad romance, with finger pops and a haunting background leading into a terrific, memorable hook, and Tito's lead giving the perfect vibe. "One Way Street" (The Gregg Pagani Mix) is SoulTracks's newest First Listen. Check it out here and welcome back the legendary Tito Jackson to SoulTracks!

TJ Jackson "Obsession" (Acoustic) now available

TJ Jackson solo debut EP OBSESSION drops 20 March!

TJ Jackson's solo debut EP OBSESSION is available on March 20, 2020 but if pre-order, you can immediately download the song "#1 FAN", a new song off of the EP! 


Jaafar Jackson visits Pakistan for Changing Perspectives project

Jaafar Jackson is visiting Pakistan for one week, a tour made possible by his childhood friend Omar Sheikh and British-Pakistani entrepreneur Zeeshan Shah as part of the latter’s Changing Perceptions Initiative. Besides visiting national and iconic hot spots and treasures, Jaafar has been visiting various cities to meet and interact with locals, students and entrepreneurs. Jaafar has been visiting the NUST and COMSATS universities in Islamabad, met with Mohammad Sawar (the Governer of Punjab) at the Governer's House) in Lahore,visited Sceptre CollegeHabib UniversityNational Incubation CenterNED University of Engineering & Technology (NUDET) and The Citizens Foundation schools in Karachi, and the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University in Lyari. 

Jaafar also appeared on television shows for World This Morning (14 February), Shiffa YousafzaiGeo News (17 February), Dawn News (17 February) and Bakhabar Savera (18 February), GTV Network (18 February), Now News and Digital News Network (18 February), Voices of SindhHUM News Pakistan (20 February) BBC Urdu (20 February). Jaafar also made a pit stop in at Khaleej Times in Dubai (watch interview) on his way back home. In his comments and interviews, Jaafar thanked his hosts and claimed he had an incredible experience in Pakistan and couldn’t wait to share back home pictures and videos of the trip. He said hospitality here had been incredible and his plan was to release an album and come back to Pakistan to do some shows.

Zeeshan Shag is one of the board members of China-Pakistan Investment Corporation CPIC, a leading property developer in Gwadar. Changing Perspectives is a CPIC initiative that aims to bring positive change to Pakistan, through building safe, sustainable communities that encourage cohesion, enable businesses to thrive and offer a positive lifestyle. 


Taryll Jackson drops new song "The Next Time I Fall In Love"

Taryll Jackson dropped another song titled "The Next Time I Fall In Love" and it's available on all streaming platforms so make sure to check it out, download and stream and share!

TJ releases acoustic version of "Insomnia" for Valentine

Especially for Valentine's Weekend, TJ Jackson dropped a special acoustic version of his hit single "Insomnia" which is available at all streaming platforms worldwide! 

Janet Jackson Announces New Album and Tour "Black Diamond"

Janet Jackson has announced that she's working on her new album and going on a brand new tour in North America this Summer both titled “Black Diamond”. On her Instagram, the icon wrote: "Black Diamonds are the toughest of all the diamonds, the hardest to cut. I see that as the hardest to hurt or destroy. There is a lot that I have endured. I see myself as a Black Diamond in its purest form. I’m a rock, I have ruff edges but I keep moving forward. I want to show you my strength as well as give you strength. — I love u guys so much and I’m So Excited to share this new era with you. See u soon!" A special pre-sale code will be sent to Janet Jackson's mailing list subscribers on February 11th! Tickets go on-sale to the general public on February 13 at 12 pm! The Black Diamond tour starts on June 24th in Miami. 

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