Neverland Firsthand: Investigating the Michael Jackson Documentary

Neverland Firsthand: Investigating the Michael Jackson Documentary is a mini-documentary by Liam McEwan which further explores allegations made in HBO’s Leaving Neverland, that the King of Pop sexually abused two young boys. Through interviews with those closest to the situation, including Taj and Brandi, the film sheds light on information that was excluded from Leaving Neverland and its original HBO’s broadcast. Sexual violence is never to be taken lightly. This film was not made to degrade victims or devalue their statements. 

Taryll Jackson drops new album "Crazy Love" on 21 April

Taryll Jackson has announced that his new album is titled Crazy Love and will be available on 21 April. The new album contains 10 tracks and will be available on all digital music platforms worldwide. Ahead of the album release, Taryll Jackson released the single "Without Your Love" on 8 April which is available on all digital music platforms worldwide. Taryll is excited to perform his very first solo performance on June 8th at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands! He will be performing songs from his previous released EP’s My Life Without You and Undeniable and the new album Crazy Love

Next Generation of Jacksons defend their uncle Michael

Over the past few weeks, especially TAJ and BRANDI continued to speak truth and facts on various shows over the past few weeks, such as Nicole’s View, The Rageaholic with RazörFist, Uncensored Truth Podcast, Hollywood Unlocked,  Michael Trapson, John Ziegler (Taj episode, Brandi episode), Kyle and Jackie O show KIIS 106.5, 2DayFM Breakfast and Jodie & Soda Mix 102.3TAJ, TARYLL and TJ also spoke out in French media including TV show Balance Ton Poste. SIGGY did interviews for Beach City Radio and The Cruz Show (Power 106 FM) and on Fox News. And AUTUMN joined the Australian radio show Fitzy & Wippa (Nova 96.9) to defend her uncle Michael and she did interviews for Finnish newspapers iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat

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Janet Jackson Inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Janet Jackson was one of the legendary artists to receive the honor at the ceremony held at Barclays Center in New York City on Friday night. Janelle Monáe -- who introduced Jackson and paid tribute to her with her outfit -- called her "the legendary queen of black girl magic." "She is a bold visionary, a rule breaker, a risk taker and a boundless visual artist. Quite simply y'all, there is only one Janet," she told the audience. Jackson, who joined her late brother Michael Jackson and the rest of the Jackson 5 as members of the Rock & Rock Hall of Fame, then took the stage to thank her father, the late Joe Jackson, her mother, Katherine, and the rest of her family.

"I want to begin by thanking my incredibly strong family. My wonderful mother and father, as well as my sisters, my brothers. You guys never stopped believing in me," she said, before explaining how her father took her to a record label at age 14 and helped her get signed. It was my father's dream. He wanted me to become this great performer. He encouraged me, he was the first one to encourage me, and music became my passion. In 1997, my brothers were recognized for their musical contribution by being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and I was so proud of them," Janet expressed. "Tonight their baby sister has joined them."

Jackson also gave Paula Abdul a shout out, among the other celebrated choreographers she's worked with, admitting, "I never thought I was a good dancer." The R&B star also credited Questlove as "my biggest champion." Bucking tradition, however, the "Rhythm Nation" singer didn't perform during the ceremony, as is customary for inductees. Earlier in the day, Variety reported via a source that Jackson "declined to participate in a customary musical number because the event will be filmed for later broadcast on HBO," the same network that recently aired the controversial Michael Jackson documentary Surviving Neverland. Before taking the stage, Jackson, 52, posed for the cameras on the red carpet. The iconic singer looked glamorous in a long black gown that featured draping sleeves and black-and-burnt orange feathers on the hemline. The "Feedback" crooner paired the dress with long burnt orange gloves and had her hair in big curls.

Last month, Janet announced her Las Vegas residency at the Park MGM, which will kick off in May. The show, titled Metamorphosis, will explore the hit-making singer’s decades-long evolution and boast a dazzling effects show to match her reputation as a performer.

MJINNOCENT Campaign launches in multiple languages

The MJINNOCENT campaign was launched by a group of Michael Jackson fans from the United Kingdom who united to counter the incorrect information about Michael Jackson. Now, the campaign is extending as fans from all over Europe are uniting to join this campaign that has launched in multiple languages and more languages are in the making. For the purpose of sharing and distribution of factful material surrounding the campaign, here, you can find high quality templates for flyers etc. 

Dutchies, wil je helpen om de hele wereld laten weten dat Michael Jackson onschuldig is? Dan kun je de onderstaande documenten downloaden en (laten) printen en verspreiden. Jackson Source draagt bij aan de MJINNOCENT campagne en heeft deze print-documenten opgesteld en meegewerkt aan de vertalingen van de Nederlandstalige MJINNOCENT webpagina

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Taryll Jackson announces first solo performance in Amsterdam

Taryll Jackson has annnounced that he is really excited to perform his very first solo performance on June 8th at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands! Taryll will be performing songs from his previous released EP’s My Life Without You and Undeniable and an upcoming album. There are limited tickets so make sure you get yours now! 

Facts don't lie, people do. Truth matters.

Here is a list of articles and statements published recently that are a testimony of the truth in regards to Michael Jackson; the Greatest Entertainer and Humanitarian that Ever Lived. While lies runs sprints and the truth runs marathons, please continue raising your voices to let your local broadcasters know that airing Leaving Neverland is a mistake.

[Dutch] Fans Michael Jackson protesteren bij Mediapark

HILVERSUM - Nederlandse fans van Michael Jackson gaan vrijdag protesteren op het Mediapark in Hilversum bij het gebouw van de VPRO, omdat de omroep vrijdagavond de documentaire Leaving Neverland uitzendt. De protesterende fans zetten dit weekend ook de tekst 'Michael Jackson is onschuldig, ken de feiten' op billboards langs de snelwegen A5 bij Amsterdam en A4 bij Hoofddorp.

Met de demonstratie en de billboards willen ze duidelijk maken dat Michael Jackson zich niet schuldig heeft gemaakt aan seksueel misbruik van minderjarigen. Naast de tekst prijkt ook een foto op de billboards met het woord innocent (onschuldig) over zijn mond geplakt. Het is een verwijzing naar de website www.mjinnocent.com.

"Met deze billboards geven de fans aan dat ze van mening zijn dat de zanger onschuldig is, de documentaire een eenzijdig verhaal is waarin niet aan waarheidsvinding of wederhoor wordt gedaan en de beweringen van beide mannen niet op feiten zijn gecheckt", staat in een persverklaring van de de Nederlandse fans. Eerder deze week waren er soortgelijke protesten in Londen, bij het gebouw van Channel 4.


"De campagne is bekostigd vanuit de fan-community", aldus woordvoerder Mark Wittenberg. "Met hun acties willen de fans een tegengeluid laten horen, naast de vele verklaringen die er al zijn vanuit familie en vrienden van Jackson, waaronder zeer veel mannen die in hun jeugd ook met hem bevriend zijn geweest en die aangeven dat zij absoluut nooit zijn misbruikt."

In Leaving Neverland vertellen twee mannen afzonderlijk van elkaar tot in detail hoe ze eind jaren tachtig, als 7 en 10-jarige jongens, bevriend raakten met The King of Pop en jarenlang misleid en misbruikt werden. Al sinds de première op het Sundance Film Festival in Utah maakt de documentaire de tongen los. Waar recensenten geschokt en lovend waren, sprak de familie Jackson schande. Volgens de fans "liegen deze mannen op meerdere punten aantoonbaar." Ze wijzen op de rechtszaken die de mannen hebben verloren tegen de nazaten van de in 2009 overleden King of Pop.

De fans benadrukken in hun verklaring dat hun acties alleen gericht zijn tegen deze specifieke beschuldigingen in de documentaire. "In deze documentaire wordt echter zo nadrukkelijk gelogen dat zij zich gedwongen voelen zich uit te spreken."


De VPRO is zich bewust van de ophef, maar wil de documentaire toch graag uitzenden. Janine Abbring leidt de film in en voert na de uitzending een nagesprek over de ontvangst en context van de documentaire. “De VPRO realiseert zich dat het onderwerp van Leaving Neverland zeer gevoelig ligt, maar vindt het belangrijk dat het verhaal van Wade Robson en James Safechuck en hun families wordt verteld en de kijker zijn eigen mening kan vormen.”

De titel van de Leaving Neverland verwijst naar het gelijknamige landgoed waar The King of Pop woonde. In 2003 werd er een inval gedaan nadat er meldingen binnenkwamen over misbruik van een 13-jarige jongen. Jackson werd in de rechtszaak die volgde vrijgesproken van veertien aanklachten tegen hem.

Defending Neverland: Statement from The Jacksons

From Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson

"This Wednesday and Thursday Channel 4 is launching an attack on our brother Michael. He is not here to defend himself, so we feel compelled to do it for him.

Michael is innocent of these baseless allegations of child abuse, sexual misconduct and paedophilia. The only thing that Michael was ever guilty of was being naïve to what the outside world may think of those beautiful days that our families and friends all enjoyed at the Neverland ranch.

This film rehashes accusations against Michael that have already been shot down in a court of law.

Michael loved his family, his friends and lived life to the fullest before it was so cruelly taken away. Now that life of kindness and generosity is being tainted.

We are told that the film carefully curates selected extracts from past interviews Michael did in life, strategically edited to answer allegations made after his death - answers to questions that were never in fact put to Michael. This is not a neutral search for the truth, but a kangaroo court-like film made with a clear agenda to sensationally besmirch the good name of Michael.

The subjects of the "documentary" - James Safechuck and Wade Robson - who have come forward now, have absolutely zero credibility and the courts have already assessed that no rational person could believe that Robson is telling the truth.

With no facts, no credible witnesses, no evidence, the film is a hurtful falsehood.

Robson at the 2005 trial gave unequivocal sworn testimony that there was no inappropriate behaviour or abuse and continued to praise and defend Michael against the allegations. Then, years later in 2012, Robson claimed he was sexually abused." 

Jackson Source @ De Ochtend Show To Go

Janneke van der Linden (Jackson Source) defends Michael Jackson on Dutch AD's De Ochtend Show To Go on 4 March 2019. The interview and show is in Dutch. Dutchies, zorg dat je de nieuwe Facebook pagina MJfeiten volgt voor afbeeldingen en feiten over Michael Jackson die je kunt delen op je eigen online accounts om de waarheid te verspreiden!