Music Celebration 2012 with Austin and Yashi

Austin will play at the 2012 Winter Music Celebration (featuring Yonas Michael and Special Guests) at Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club (Central SAPC) on January 6th. Yashi will also be there with a spoken word poerty performance. Click here for more info about the show.

Taj meets with fans Jan 3rd

Just like last year when Taj made a private visit to Brasil to spend Christmas and New Years, he is back in the capital of Brasil and ready to meet fans again at Park Shopping Mall in Brasilia, in front of teh FNAC store at 7:00 PM (19:00) on January 3rd. For those who will be able to attend, enjoy and show Taj and the triplets much love and support! 

Behind The Scenes video of "Menage a trois"

Jackson Truth Radio on Tuesdays starting January 3rd

Two weeks from today Siggy will host the first show on Jackson Truth Radio! Listen online at www.latalkradio.com from 11am to 1p.m.(PST). Make sure to call 323-203-0815 to speak with Dealz  every Tuesday starting January 3rd! The show is co-hosted by Toyia Parker! Get ready! 

Austin plays The Sayers Club on New Years Eve

Austin and his band kicked off the new year 2012 with a gig at The Sayers Club that was attended by Janet and Yashi.