Jermaine Jackson & Coronet® launch Coronet Guitar Jewelry Collection

From March 17-24th  March 17th, Aaron Shum Jewelry - Coronet is an exhibitor at the Baselworld 2016 - The World Watch and Jewellery Show. On March 17th, during the  GUINNESS Attempt & Jermaine Jackson Jewelry Launch a masterpiece encrusted with 15000 gemstones will be unveiled to attempt the GUINNESS World Records. Jermaine will officiate the event and an exquisite Jermaine Jackson watch and jewelry line will be presented. The event takes place  March 17th at 15.00 o'clock in Hall 1.1 / Booth A32 during Baselworld 2016 in Basel, Switzerland.  

The sparkle between one of the world’s most-loved bands and the GUINNESS World Records Holder started with the enthusiastic passion and creative imagination of a mutual friend between The Jacksons and Aaron Shum Jewelry. By building up the connection of the music legend and the prestigious worldwide patented Diamond Guitar Design, it arises the chance of the unforgettable and overwhelming public performance at BBC Proms at the Park in London, gracing the Great Britain’s largest outdoor classical music event.

To celebrate the remarkable 50th Anniversary of The Jacksons and in memory of his late brother Michael, Jermaine Jackson invited the GUINNESS World Records Holder, Aaron Shum, to create unique and personalized rings for his family members, with design concept by Jermaine. The creation of the rings is dedicated to the legendary family’s musical history and precious memories between the beloved siblings.

Now...the two parties have launched the exquisite

18K Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection 

based on the theme of the Guiness World Record Guitar


With design concept provided by Jermaine Jackson, an exclusive 18K jewelry collection is exquisitely made to further elaborate the extravagant design of the GUINNESS CORONET® Diamond Guitar. 


CORONET® guitar SS925 silver jewelry collection features brooches, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings that are fashion and trendy to ladies nowadays.

Designs by Jermaine Jackson for the Coronet Guitar Collection. Images courtesy of Coronet Store


Michael Jackson "Off The Wall" bundle available

Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off The Wall is the story of the seminal album that took Michael from a child prodigy to the King of Pop. Starting today the documentary is available in a special bundle with the classic album.  

Janet Jackson to close Dubai World Cup 2016 on March 26th

Five years after she performed in Abu Dhabi, her first in the Middle East, Janet Jackson is all set to return to the Emirates. This time she’s closing the Dubai World Cup, the world’s richest horse race, on March 26. Tickets to Janet's performance, however, is only accessible to race-day ticket holders. Janet will kick off her European leg of the Unbreakable Tour with a performance in Birmingham, UK, on March 30. The rescheduled North American leg of will launch May 14 in Las Vegas and wrap in Cleveland August 28. The Unbreakable World Tour has already been listed in the Top 20 global concert tour listing compiled by Pollstar.

Also make sure to check out this audio stream of The Great Forever:

Jermaine Jackson responds to Donald Trump remembering his 'good friend' Michael Jackson

With all topics on the table during CNN’s GOP Town Hall on February 18th, Donald Trump’s conversation with Anderson Cooper eventually turned to Michael Jackson. “Michael Jackson was actually a very good friend of mine,” Trump said, when Cooper asked him about his taste in music. Trump added that Michael’s declined because of a lack of confidence. “He was an unbelievably talented guy. He lost his confidence. He lost tremendous confidence because of, honestly, bad-bad-bad surgery. He had the worst. He had people that did numbers on him that were just unbelievable,” Trump said about Jackson’s face. “You know, the plastic surgeons. He was an unbelievable talent who actually lost his confidence. Believe it or not, when you lose your confidence in something you can even lose your talent.” Trump explained that Michael lived in Trump Tower at one point, noting that MJ even got married at one of Trump’s resorts. “I knew the real story of Michael Jackson,” he said. “He was truly one of the most talented people.” Actually, earlier in the day, a voter asked Trump to sign a photograph of himself with Michael Jackson. 

On Twitter, Jermaine Jackson commented on Trump's words:

'Friends' don't pay tribute by peddling b.s. theories about Michael's 'loss in confidence'. This fool Trump needs to sit down. Michael's confidence was affected by the pressures, injustice and vitriol of external circumstances. Period.Name-dropping Michael don't make you cool and won't win you votes. Especially when using botched facts.

- Jermaine Jackson on Twitter, February 19th, 2016

Following Jermaine's Twitter statements, TMZ posted an update in whcih they stated that Jermaine was saying that Donald was not a friend to Michael.  Jermaine also commented on that headline on Twitter, saying:

TMZ, I never said 'You're no friend of Michael.' He was. It's 'botched surgery' talk that I don't expect from a friend.

- Jermaine Jackson on Twitter, February 19th, 2016

Watch Janet Jackson in the Studio and Gear up for European Tour

Janet Jackson has worked with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis extensively over the course of her career, and when the three link up, they usually create chart-topping hits. Since 1986, Jam and Lewis have produced nine of her 10 Number One hits and reunited with Jackson for her 2015 return to music, Unbreakable. Watch the pair working in the studio on the pop star's latest album in this exclusive Rolling Stone clip. In the behind-the-scenes clip, the trio give an intimate look at life in the studio and how they blend their styles together. "People see the end of it," Jimmy Jam says of Jackson's musicianship. "They see her on stage. They see the videos. They see the end of it. They don't see her in here all night long singing over and over and over." Jackson's collaborators speak both of her creative energy while she records the music and how she fits it into the grander scheme of her album releases and performances. The clip ends with footage from her recent world tour in support of her 2015 album, with the European leg of the trek launching on March 30th. Jackson will resume the rescheduled U.S. dates she canceled last year due to surgery this summer. 

Jackson Source Presents Jackson Magazine 2015 edition to The Jacksons

On February 4th, Jackson Source was honored and lucky to for the chance to personally present the latest Jackson Magazine to The Jacksons in Zurich, Switzerland. The brothers loved it and applauded Jackson Source for all the work. Thanks Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon! Jackson Source fan services and all the pages and accounts within the network are managed by Janneke from The Netherlands.


TJ Jackson interviewing Grammy legends for The Insider

TJ sat down with and interviewed Aretha Franklin, Phill Collins, Gloria Estefan, Dionne Warwick and Smokey Robinson as part of his Grammy Legends series for “The Insider With Yahoo” that aired early February on CBS.  




"The Jacksons Next Generation" is coming to Asia

"The Jacksons Next Generation" is coming to Asia! Starting February 3rd, Lifetime Asia airs "The Jacksons: Next Generation" on Wednesdays 10 PM SIN/HK. Take a look at the epiosde guide to find out when the episodes airs. 

Genevieve Jackson launches EIGBO movement

Genevieve Jackson launched the EIGBO (Everything Is Gonna Be OK) movement today and writes the following introduction on her instagram account: Today is the day I start a new journey. The journey of eigbo. In the process of me working on this I received a comment on here from @poeticonic that said "Your smile makes me smile everyday, and since I've been going through a difficult time in my life, I have really appreciated that even more!" .. At that point I knew I was moving in the right direction.. Moving in the direction of my true purpose, my purpose to use my voice to spread positivity and love. I created eigbo to give people that little bit of reassurance that we all need to hear from time to time to know that everything is gonna be ok. Not only have I created merch but also on the website I've created a blog that will feature uplifting posts and people's stories that everyone can relate to. I am truly excited for you all to ride this journey with me and everything else that is to come. Sweaters are now available online Visit www.eigbo.com Also please go follow eigbo to get the latest updates! IG: @eigbomovement Twitter: @eigbomovement Facebook: facebook.com/eigbomovement