The Jacksons featured on song "ALL 4 U" (to raise awareness and funds for The Kawasaki Disease Foundation)

On January 26th, Kawasaki Disease Foundation, the song "ALL 4 U" is released to raise awareness and funds for The Kawasaki Disease Foundation. "ALL 4 U" is written & produced by Dave Harris, Micky Parsons, and Cameron Browne. The track features many studio legends that played on Michael Jackson's hit songs and albums. "ALL 4 U" is a throwback song that pays homage to the late great Michael Jackson. In fact, in addition to his brothers (The Jacksons) many of Michael Jackson's session musicians from Off The Wall, Thriller and BAD appear on the song. This includes Nathan East & Deon Estus - Bass, Greg Phillinganes - Piano/Keyboards, John "JR" Robinson - Drums, Paul Jackson Jr & Wah Wah Watson - Guitars, Mr. Talkbox - Talkbox, Paul Buckmaster - String arrangement. Micky Parsons - Lead vocal, The Jackson's - Background vocals.

Download the song and support the worhtu cause at CDBaby, Amazon or iTunes. 

Jermaine Jackson helps to save a child's heart and brings awareness to Kawasaki Disease

#ALL4UKDF Jermaine Jackson helps to save a child's heart and brings awareness to Kawasaki Disease. The song "Al l4 U" Dave Harris & friends feat. Micky Parsons & The Jacksons will be available on January 26th for Kawasaki Disease Awareness day. All proceeds go to The Kawasaki Disease Foundation. 

Jermaine Jackson Women's Life interview

Women’s Life sat down for an interview with Jermaine Jackson in LA over the holiday period, before he left for the middle east. Read the interesting  interview...

50 Years In Music

Jermaine La Jaune Jackson, was born on December 11, 1954, in Gary, Indiana, the fourth of ten children. Initially he sang lead and played rhythm guitar in The Jackson 5, but switched to bass and back-up vocals.

The fourth child of Katherine and Joseph Jackson, Jermaine and his 9 siblings had music in their blood; Katherine was an aspiring pianist and singer, and Joseph briefly played guitar with his brother in their band, The Falcons. But while music was their passion, it didn’t pay the bills. So Joseph supported his family with his job at U.S. Steel while Katherine stayed at home and raised the children.While his father worked long hours as a crane operator, Jermaine and his brothers Tito and Jackie practiced their own songs, sometimes on their father’s guitar. One night, after Tito accidentally broke a string on his father’s instrument, the trio had to own up to their late night practicing. Joe, out of anger, made the boys demonstrate their musicianship. Impressed, he recognized the boys’ potential and began encouraging them to perform as a group. Jermaine and his two older brothers began The Jackson Brothers in 1964.

By the end of 1965, Jermaine’s younger brothers Marlon and Michael had also joined, creating The Jackson 5. After Jermaine and the group won a talent contest held at brother Jackie’s high school, The Jackson 5 began taking their performances more seriously. Jermaine moved from lead singer to back-up singer and bassist after several years as the rhythm guitarist and lead singer.

Women’s Life sat down for an interview with Jermaine Jackson in LA over the holiday period, before he left for the middle east.

Your parents were major influences in your early life?

They still are, especially my mother. She reminds me of what a real lady should be. My mother was incredible giving my father many children, this is the ultimate show of how much she loved her husband, to bear children. They taught me that life is about love of family whether you live in poverty or you live on the richest side of town, I’d rather be poor and happy, rather than rich and miserable.

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Michael Jackson's Off The Wall to Be Reissued With Spike Lee Documentary

On February 26, the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Legacy Recordings will release a special CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray edition of Off The Wall. The package will include Michael’s revolutionary album in its original form and the new documentary Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall, directed by Spike Lee. Furthermore, the documentary will make its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2016, and its world television premiere on SHOWTIME on Friday, February 5th at 9 P.M. ET/PT on-air, on demand and over the internet. Following its premiere on SHOWTIME, it will be broadcast in other territories around the world and those air-dates will be announced by the local broadcaster in each market. The Estate would like to re-interate that the album included in the package is a re-issue of the original album – there is no additional music or remixes on the CD or any “bonus” material with the documentary. This album was early in Michael’s career. He did not write or record the number of songs for this album as he did for later releases nor did he do any filming using his own camera crews of the making of his short films or other events. Without a wealth of material in the archives, the Estate and Sony decided to take a different approach with this release – strip it down and keep it simple and allow everyone to celebrate the album that started it all with a fun, specially designed, collectible package that holds both the album as originally released along with this special documentary and gives fans a chance to get creative with Michael’s original concept for the album artwork. 

Janet Jackson Clears Up Rumors by Quoting Her Own Lyrics

“Remember… believe it when you hear it from my lips. The rumors are untrue. I do not have cancer. I’m recovering. My doctors have approved my concerts as scheduled in Europe, and as I promised, the postponed shows will be rescheduled.” 

- Janet Jackson, 6 January 2016

After Janet Jackson announced her decision to postpone several performances on her Unbreakable World Tour due to an unspecified surgery, rumors spread that she was battling throat cancer, but Janet has taken it upon herself to deny any rumors of the disease, mostly by quoting her own advice. In a video  posted from her social media accounts and on her website titled "From My Lips," Janet presented a Star Wars-like scroll through the lyrics of her own song, "The Great Forever," which includes the lines, "Sources say but where ya gettin' it/ Don't create the truth you like," before releasing her statement to the world. In that statement, Jackson wrote that she did not have cancer, though she still was "recovering" from an operation that she did not specify. Janet also stated that her doctors have approved her concerts scheduled in Europe, and that, as promised, the postponed shows will be rescheduled. Janet's message was prefaced on social media with an announcement from her team, which reads: "It was Janet’s wish not to make any further comments about her health, however, because of the great concern from around the world, Janet will be releasing a personal message shortly."

Jermaine Jackson attends Global Conference for Collaboration and Development on Regenerative Life Science in Beijing

On January 6th, 2016 (Beijing time), Jermaine Jackson attended the Global Conference for Collaboration and Development on Regenerative Life Science, held by Chinese Red Cross Foundation, as a special VIP guest. The conference was held inside China's landmark the Great Hall of the People, which is located at the western edge of Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The venue functions as the meeting place of the full sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC), the Chinese parliament.

In the afternoon, accompanied by the Chinese household name - the famous comedian Jiang Kun, he later toured Beijing's famous Houhai area, a lake and its surrounding neighborhood in Xicheng District of central Beijing, which has become known for its nightlife as many residences along the lake shore have been converted into restaurants, bars, and cafes. They also visited an ancient temple.

Jermaine also met with the representatives and fans of the Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Community (MJJCN.com) at Beijing Concert Hall on January 5th. Check out photos of the event in our Facebook page. All photos are courtesy of Keen Zhang, Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Community and Kathy Hao. 

The Jacksons performing at Heal The World: A Tribute to Michael Jackson event in Las Vegas

The Jacksons will be performing at the concert event Heal the World: A Tribute to Michael Jackson, scheduled for January 7th at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino's Axis Theater. Noel Lee, the founder of electronics company Monster, is accustomed to bringing big name music to the Consumer Electronics Show. This year, he wants to bring some big concepts, too. The event will have a big-name roster of music stars performing the music of the late King of Pop. Jackson's single Heal the World from his 1991 album Dangerous serves as the touchstone. Among performers will be The Jacksons, members of Aerosmith, George Benson, Ne-Yo, Christina Milian, Rick Ross and Luis Coronel. NBA legend and entrepreneur Magic Johnson will host the event. Producer and record label exec Vassal Benford will conduct a 30-piece orchestra. Additional special surprise guests are planned, too. About 5,000 annually attend Monster's annual retailer awards and concert at CES. Past performers have included Steve Miller, Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Because of concerns about the environment and "all the violence and terrorism in the world," Lee said that he wanted to put on an especially uplifting event at this year's CES. "I want to highlight a social consciousness of solutions that the consumer electronics field can think about," he said. "For instance, if you can have a fingerprint reader on a iPhone, why can’t you have one on a gun? My goal is to stir up innovation around affecting the world."

Retrospect 2015 in Jackson Magazine 2015 edition

Happy New Year!!!! A full retrospect of 2015 happenings and events of the Jacksons is covered in Jackson Magazine 2015 edition in articles, reports and news categories and photos along with exclusive contributions by Jackson family members. The 2015 edition of Jackson Magazine features interviews with Jermaine Jackson, Tito Jackson and 3T: Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and TJ Jackson, as well as exclusive unseen photos of Jermaine, Jaafar, Jermajesty and Tito and lots more! Jackson Magazine is a full color annual publication in English by Jackson Source. The 2015 edition is (only) available at the Blurb Bookstore. Order your copy today! 


Jermaine Jackson at iPandas for UNICEF charity event in Hong Kong

On the last day of the year 2015, Jermaine Jackson attended a charity event of iPandas for UNICEF at a public school in Hong Kong, China. Along with Chinese artist Niki, Jermaine brought kids New Years Gifts, cookies and balloons.  Jermaine said he was honored to attend the event, he said: "I was lucky to grow from a family, feel a lot of love, so I hope this will contribute to the community and love can bring joy to the children," adding he is honored to have the opportunity to do a song for charity, but that will teach the world's children to sing this song together. Watch photos of the event in our Facebook page. More announcements about Jermaine Jackson's contribution to iPandas will be announced in 2016. 

Season greetings from Tito Jackson and announcement about release solo album debut

Tito Jackson posted an audio clip on his official channels with season greetings to his fans and announcing the release of his aolo album Tiot Time for 2016! Listen to his message on the official Tito Jackson Facebook page