3T Day: The Music of 3T Magazine (2018 revised version) now available!

In honor of 3T​ Day, (1 Aprill, the birthday of Dee Dee Jackson) Jackson Source​ published a revised and updated version of "The Music of 3T Magazine"! This print publication offers a complete and update look at over 25 years of music (and more) by Taj Jackson​, Taryll Jackson​ and TJ Jackson​ in a 104 pages with tons of high quality images (also including the upcoming single "Fire" and the CD digipack and vinyl picture disc release of Chapter III). Order your print at https://www.peecho.com/print/en/392433

The Music of 3T magazine is a print on demand publication and offered for private use. The publication is not intended for commercial gain or use and no profits are being made.

1 April is Dee Dee's birthday and known as 3T Day. THANK YOU, Dee Dee for bringing your sons Taj, Taryll and TJ in this world who bring so much joy and inspiration into ours. Delores “Dee Dee” Jackson’s mission in life was simple: to protect, love and guide as many people as possible—near and far, family, friend or stranger. To Dee Dee, giving back was one of life’s greatest vocations. She stopped at nothing to make a difference - dedicating her time and resources to raise money for schools, communities, and charities. Simply put, Dee Dee always thrived to make a positive impact in the world. In honor of 3T Day and Dee Dee, make a donation to DEE DEE JACKSON FOUNDATION at www.ddjf.org so 3T can continue to provide an outlet for those who have suffered a loss in life.

Tito Jackson returns to Wolverhampton and Molineux

Tito Jackson returned to Wolverhampton and Molineux this week while he spent a few days in the UK after performing a concert at Butlins Resort Skegness on Sunday (March 18th). Watch the photos and a video on the website of Star & Express

Jermaine Jackson Interview on Rap 77

Watch Jermaine Jackson's interview on Rap 77 on with Júnior Coimbra (CEO of Eagle North America Corp., Jogo das Estrelas & Rap77 Podcast, son of soccer legend Zico & Ambassador of the Adventure of Humanity Project in Brazil). Jermaine talks about his efforts as a humanitarian, sports, his brother Michael and about the show he performed in São Paulo in the 1970s.

3T limited edition CD single digipack "Fire" available May 1tth

Warrior Productions & Records announced on Facebook the release of 3T's single "Fire" as a limited edition CD digipack, only available on their website. The single will be out on May 11th. Pre-order your copy here


Jackie Jackson invites you to come party with The Jacksons at Scotfest!

The Jacksons perform at ScotFest at Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh on July 6th! 

Jaafar Jackson shares a sneak listen of his vocals

While everyone is anxiously waiting for Jaafar Jackson to release music, he's working hard in the studio and he decided to share a snippet of just his vocals of a song he's been working on. Brace yourself! 


Jackie Jackson & Gold Lemonade with Jackson Magazine 2017 edition

Check out Jackie Jackson's Instagram post and picture with Gold Lemonade posing with the latest Jackson Magazine! Jackson Magazine 2017 edition offers a full retrospect of the year 2017 covering all the news, highlights and events of The Jacksons and the Next Generation in the form of articles, interviews, photos, categories and exclusive contributions from Jackson Family members. Jackson Magazine is a full color annual Jackson Source print on demand publication and offered for private use. The publication is not intended for commercial gain or use and no profits are being made. Order your copy at Peecho 


How Michael and Janet Jackson Created the New Black Rock Star

Read Billboard's article in which collaborators of the superstar siblings reflect on how "Beat It" and "Black Cat" crossed genre – and racial – boundaries, and changed pop forever! 

Jermaine Jackson on W Radio Colombia

Jermaine Jackson was live on air with W Radio Colombia that is broadcast in Spain, United States and Latin America and talked about his appreciation for nowadays music and yesterday's music, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, converting to Islam, having a Legacy of 50 years, tribute musicals, the Superbowl and what he misses most from the Jackson 5 days and more. 

Janet Jackson surprises Missy Elliott with Essence honor

Janet Jackson is among the headliners announced for the 2018 Essence Festival. The festival returns to the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans July 5-8.

Missy Elliott knew she was being honored by Essence — but not who was giving her the accolade. So there was plenty of emotion when close friend Janet Jackson not only handed her her trophy but praised her talent. Janet was one of many stars who turned up to pay tribute to the singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. "Some rhyme, some rap; some act, some choreograph; some write hit songs; some create whole new sounds. Some women are able to make her mark in some of these fields; but there's only one woman who has made her mark in all of these fields," Jackson told a packed crowd on Thursday night. "Not only have you made your mark, but she's done so with boldness and courage."

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