Digital 8 (The EP Collection)

Digital 8 
10 May 2020

Taryll Jackson celebrating his 8 years of digital music.
Exclusively available at www.tarylljackson.com.

The EP Collection has 30 tracks. All 15 songs from his two EP's released in 2012: My Life Without You and Undeniable. And 15 new remixes/alternate versions. Purchase and listen at https://www.tarylljackson.com/digital8red

My Life Without You (Digital 8 version)
When You Come Back To Earth (Digital 8 version)
Doubt (Digital 8 version)
4ever (Digital 8 version)
Be My Girl (Digital 8 Version)
When it Falls Down (Digital 8 version)
Unlove You (Digital 8 version)
Undeniable (Digital 8 version)
Can't Stop Falling in Love (Digital 8 version)
Tonight (Digital 8 version)
Hope (Digital 8 version)
You Girl (Digital 8 version)
Dance Floor (Digital 8 version)
What Can I Do To Change Your Mind? (Digital 8 version)
Best of All Time (Digital 8 version)
My Life Without You
When You Come Back To Earth
Be My Girl
When It Falls Down
Unlove You
Can't Stop Falling In Love
You Girl
Dance Floor
What Can I Do To Change Your Mind?
Best Of All Time