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Label: MJJ Music / 550 Music / Epic

3T completed an album in-between Brotherhood (1995) and Identity (2004). Over 20 songs were recorded for the album and only 12 would have been on it. The album however was never released by Sony due to strained relationships between Michael Jackson (3T were signed on his label MJJ Music) and Sony. This album is considered by fans to be The Lost Album.Among the tracks recorded in sessions for the album are:

  • Hey Luv
  • Lost In Your Love
  • Till We Meet Again
  • Do You Know
  • Black Wednesday
  • Wear That Dress
  • Startin’ Tomorrow (with Tito Jackson)
  • I Love You
  • You Turned Your Back On Me
  • Maybeline
  • Words Of Love 
  • I’m So Alone *
  • Alright
  • When I Look In Your Eyes
  • Lost In Your Love

A release of the songs may happen in the future.

* “I’m So Alone” was featured on a Sony Music Artists promo CD in 1998. 


Label: MJJ Music
Year: 1998
Format: CD

1. Tatyana Ali - Everytime
2. Tayyana Ali - He Loves Me
3. Men of Vizion - Break Me Off
4. Men of Vizion - Right Thing At The Wrong Time
5. No Authority - Girlfriend
6. No Authority - One More Time
7. 3T - Hey Luv
8. 3T - 'Til We Meet Again

“Hey Luv” and “’Til We Meet Again” are featured on a rare 1998 MJJ Music Workstock 3 sampler CD. The caption on the sleeve reads first single from upccoming sophomore album “3T” for “Hey Luv” and possible second single from sophomore album “3T” for “’Til We Meet Again”. 


Label: 550 Music, Work, MJJ Music
Year: 1998
Format: CD, disc 2

1. Glen Scott - Haven
2. Honky Toast - Shakin and a bakin
3. Bolt upright - Longevity
4. Old pike - The rest of you
5. Dangerman - Le't make a deal
6. Ginuwine - What so different
7. 3T - Hey love (listen sample)
8. Men of Vizion - Do you feel me
9. Cree summer - Revelation Sunshine
10. Morley - Slingshots
11. Len - If you steal my sunshine

Label: MJJ Music
Year: 1998
Format: CD

3T's track “I’m So Alone” was featured on a Sony Music Artists promo CD in 1998 (and leaked online). 

“There is so many songs that we wish you guys could have heard, just musically in terms of lyrically and everything. The second album, the one that was lost, was very instrumental in terms of we played it. There was a lot of guitar, a lot of base, many drums, so it was a very acoustic album.”

Taj Jackson in Jackson Magazine, 2003 edition

“Count on it, that is why we are so excited to finally have these songs and the album back. We put a lot of work, energy, and passion into the second album and I can honestly say that for the longest time, this album was a huge gap in my life that I thought would never be filled. Now I know it will.”

Taryll Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2010 edition

“I guess I need to stop calling the second album the “Lost album”. That was just a nickname for it that I created when it seemed like it was never ever going to be released. Now I’m glad that this nickname doesn’t fit anymore. As for the songs on the album, I might be a little biased, but I think the “Lost album” or should I say the official second album, is our best work as 3T. The songs are very diverse and we had a blast creating the album. Not to mention that our uncle Michael was very involved in this album. We would play each song to him and he would give us certain tips and pointers along the way. He also hand picked the songs that were going to be on the album. Listening back to the songs now, certain memories of my uncle are replayed in my mind. It brings me such joy. He really loved and enjoyed the whole album, which is the highest honor to us since he has always been our musical idol. I think it only makes sense that when the album does come out, it is dedicated to him.”

Taj Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2010 edition

“Hopefully something great will be done with it, we put a lot of time and energy in it and some of those songs are some of my favorite 3t songs so it has to come out at one point. And it has to come out with a full package, not just releasing songs, but with the vision we had for it. And I think it will, when I don’t know but it will come out.”

TJ Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2014 editon

“A lot of that album was done live, so there is a lot of live instrumentation and some others songs weren’t a hundred percent live, so the songs sound a bit dated now, because of the drums set and just the style of it. I don’t think we would ever go back and change, maybe if it needed a little bit enhancement or tweaking. That album is kind of like its own piece of work. We put so much time into that thing, you have no idea. A lot of people that heard it responded very well and it would have been a big album for us, I think and a lot could have been different.”

Taryll Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2014 edition

“It was written by Andre Berry, Jay Lazaroff and myself. It took months to write because after we wrote the music, we couldn’t figure out the right verse melody to go along with it. The chorus came easily, but we really struggled with the verse. We tried many different attempts, but none of them had the right feel. Then one day it just came to us and it was like a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders.”

Taj Jackson about “Fool For Your Love” in Jackson Magazine 2011 edition