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Written by Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and TJ Jackson
FYM Music / Tar It Up Music / Yabo Music (BMI)

Produced by 3T
Recorded by Michael Vail Blum at Titan Recording Studios, L.A., CA
Mixed by Jon Gass at Enterprise Studio, Burbank, CA

Lead vocals by Taryll Jackson, TJ Jackson and Taj Jackson
Background vocals by 3T

String arrangement by Jeremy Lubbock
Percussion by Paulinho

Highest charts result

#2 in the United Kingdom

Music video

“From how the song originated to the success we had with it was just amazing. At the time, many doubted our abilities and that was our answer to the doubts. Sometimes after not seeing my uncle after some time, we would give him a hug and say our “hello’s” and he would be singing “Anything” to us with a huge grin. He would only sing songs he loved and that was one he really liked. He was so proud of us. I miss and love him so much.”

TJ Jackson about “Anything” in Jackson Magazine 2011 edition