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Label: 3T
Country: worldwide
Year: 2014

Written by Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and TJ Jackson.

Strings arranged by Jeremy Lubock.
Vocals by 3T.

“Forever Girl” was never released as an official single, however used to promote 3T and their sound around 2014. The song was featured on the  EP The Story of Love and is on the album Chapter III.

Music video

Taj, Taryll and TJ recorded a full music video for the song at Fonogenic Studios in Van Nuys, California in May of 2014 and edited by Taj to a full music video, however only a 2-minute music video of “Forever Girl” was officially released as a promo and teaser.

“I wanted the video to have a very familiar feel to it. I always loved the candid and fun nature of the ‘Why’ music video. That was the main reason why I chose the 'Forever Girl’ video to be in black and white and have that behind the scenes vibe to it.”

Taj Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2014 edition

‘Forever Girl’ was a song that we did early in 2014. It’s a cool song that captures a new 3t sound and it has the brother harmonies. We didn’t want to release ‘Forever Girl’ without the album being closer to completion but we also wanted to share ‘Forever Girl’with our fans as a gift and to give a sneak peak to what the new sound is going to be like. For now it’s just a way to share music to our fans.”

TJ Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2014 edition