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Janet Jackson Enters The World of NFT's

Michael Jackson biopic starring Jaafar Jackson set for release on 18 April, 2025

Jaafar Jackson is portraying his uncle in the highly anticipated biopic MICHAEL for Lionsgate (US) and Universal Pictures International (outside US, excluding Japan). Directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Graham King with a screenplay by John Logan. 

Brace yourself for Jaafar Jackson

Janet Jackson: Family First documentary in the works

Serving as a continuation of Janet’s 2022 documentary, the series will follow Janet Jackson as she embarked on her 2023 “Together Again” tour, as well as her collaboration with brother Randy Jackson to reunite the family band after 40 years since their last performance.

Janet Jackson Enters The World of NFT's

Explosive docu series Re-Righting HIStory in the works

Taj Jackson is on a mission to make the world remember his uncle Michael for the great human being that he was by creating the 11 episodes docu sesies “Re-Righting HIStory” which will present the truth about Michael's life and set the record straight.

Brace yourself for Jaafar Jackson

TJ Jackson album 'Pressure'

TJ Jackson recorded the albums Pressure for a release at the proper timing. The singles "Passion" and Heaven On My Lips" are the first songs introducing the sound of the album Pressure

MJ the Broadway musical is startin' somethin' on December 6th in New York

Sustainable Family Grade Homeware by Hayvenhurst

Jackie Jackson and Emily Jackson along with Dutch furniture Designer (environmentalist and founder of Van de Sant) Robert Milder are collaborating to launch sustainable family-grade homeware by Hayvenhurst.