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Katherine and Joseph Jackson 1994


Started by: Joseph Walter Jackson and Esther Katherine Scruse
Children: Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Marlon, (Brandon), Michael, Randy and Janet
Grandchildren: >25
Great grandchildren: >20

Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson was born 26 July 1928 as the eldest of five to Samuel Jackson (1893 - 13 February 1992) a school teacher and Crystal Lee King (1907 - 4 November 1992) in Fountain Hill, Arkansas. His siblings were Samuel, Jr. (born c. 1930), Helen (born c. 1932), Luther (1935-2021) and Alfred (born c. 1942). Joe's paternal grandfather was Israel Nero Jackson (a slave) was the son of Jack July Jackson, an indigenous Choctaw of the Plantation of Gale. He is thus of both African and distant Native American Ancestry. His life story is one of rags to riches. His early childhood was one with a domineering, strict father with very few friends. His parents separated at the tender age of twelve, and he moved with his father to Oakland, California.

At 18, with his father remarrying, Joe moved back to live with his mother in East Chicago. Early attempts at becoming a boxer found success with the Golden Gloves program. However his progress to a professional boxing career were derailed when he met is future wife Katherine Scruse. She was born on 4 May 1930 as Kattie B. Screws (Katherine Esther Scruse) in Barbour County, Alabama. Katherine was the daughter of Martha (née Upshaw) and Prince Albert Screws (born October 16, 1907 and died January 21, 1997). The family name was changed to 'Scruse" by her father when she was four years old.

After a brief marriage to and subsequent annulment from another woman, Joseph and Katherine continued an affair, resulting in his second marriage on November 5, 1949. And they Joe and started what would become the world’s most popular music family group in 1950 when daughter Rebbie was born, followed by Jackie (1951), Tito (1953), Jermaine (1954), La Toya (1956), Marlon (1957, twin brother Brandon died within 24 hours after birth), Michael (1958 - 2009), Randy (1961) and Janet (1966).

Settling in Gary, Indiana to support his growing family, Joe left the hopes of becoming a professional boxer and took up employment at Inland Steel, working as a full time crane operator. He further took on part time jobs at the American Foundries in East Chicago. During the early 1950's, he tried again to pursue other dreams. He briefly performed with his own blues band "The Falcons" (also including his brother Luther), playing guitar. Despite their efforts the Falcons did not get a recording deal and subsequently broke up. Katherine also dreamt of becoming an entertainer, the first black country music star. But this dream had to be passed on to her children, since Katherine suffered polio as very young child. Luckily she survived, but Katherine would have a limp for the rest of her life.

By 1964, Joseph had discovered that his three eldest sons, Jackie, Tito and Jermaine, had musical talent and he began working with his son's musical group. Younger sons Marlon and Michael eventually joined the band. Joe began enforcing long and intense rehearsals for his sons. At first, the group went under The Jackson Brothers. Following the inclusions of Marlon and Michael in the group and Michael's increased vocal presence within the group, their name was changed to The Jackson Five. After a couple years performing in talent contests and high school functions, Joseph booked them in more and more respectable venues until they landed a spot at the renowned Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

On November 21, 1967, The Jackson Five were signed by their father to their first professional contract with Steeltown Records in Gary, Indiana. The group's first single "Big Boy" was released by Keith on January 31, 1968 on the Steeltown label. Within the year, Joe helped to land his sons an audition for Motown Records in Detroit. The Jackson Five were signed with Motown in March 1969. Joe later relocated his family to California and supervised every recording session the group made for Motown. 

Joseph’s role as manager dwindled however as Motown CEO Berry Gordy began to take more charge on his act, a role that reverted back to Joseph when he began managing the entire family for performances in Las Vegas. Joseph also helped his sons seal a deal with CBS after leaving Motown distraught that the label did not allow the boys creative freedom in the studio.

Within a few years, however, Joseph’s sons each left his management company to sign for other managers, starting with Jermaine. In 1982, Joseph also managed the careers of his three daughters Rebbie, La Toya, and Janet until all three eventually left his company for solo ventures.

Religion played a very important role in the way Joe and Katherine raised their children. Music was another significant aspect of their upbringing. Joseph, a former crane crane operator in Gary, Indiana and who’s family were still slaves when President Lincoln freed them in 1865, turned out be a very successful manager and producer for his sons. The foundation of the “Jackson Five” was the start of Joseph’s successful career as a producer. With this group, the Jackson children toured the world and had several top ten albums. As all his children showed considerable musical talent and some were already making their own way, Joseph could dedicate himself to his daughters La Toya and Janet, who are also went on to become celebrated as stars throughout the world.

Joseph and Katherine made An American Dream come true:

The Jacksons the extraordinary musical talents has earned the family the status of Pop Royalty in the music world, a Family Dynasty. 

Joseph remains one of the most successful music producers to this day. Katherine has always played an important role in her children’s life, as far as teaching and advising them on life’s issues. Katherine has always had a special place in the hearts of all her (grand)children, as well as most of the Jackson fans. Katherine enjoyed her job as a parent to watch her children develop their own personalities. 

Joseph had a lasting extramarital affair with Cheryle Terrell and they had a daughter together who was named Joh'Vonnie (born 30 August 1974). Despite living separately, Joe and Katherine remained legally married until his death. The patriarch  passed away on 27 June 2018. 

Joseph was and Katherine is very supportive of the next generation of Jacksons that are arriving at the music scene. And they stood by Michael's side and accompanied him to the court room during the trial. When Michael passed, Katherine became the legal guardian of his three children Prince, Paris and Blanket, along with Tito's on TJ. Katherine wants to world to remember her son Michael for who he really was and wants the truth about his personality be told and known.


Joseph Jackson 2018 Memoirs Book Precious Moments


Bookbaby, 8 March 2018

60 Years in Show Business: A Life in Pictures. Relieve Mr. Jackson's adventure through timeless pictures accompanied with his favorite song lyrics, movie and television quotes.

Katherine Jackson 2010 book Never Can Say Goodbye Archives Untold Story


Vintage Pop Media, 1 June 2010

The untold story of The Jacksons by family matriarch Katherine Jackson. 150 pages of never-before-seen photos from The Jackson Family's Personal Archives.

Joseph Jackson 2004 Book Autobiography The Jacksons


2004, 2009

Autobiography by Joseph Jackson. Originally published in German in 2004 by Random House Entertainment and re-published in German and English by Blanvalet in 2009.

Katherine Jakson 1990 Book Memoirs Autobiography 1990 My Family The Jacksons


St Martins PR, 1 October 1990

The matriarch of the Jacksons reveals the story of the Jackson family and shares her memoirs. 


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Extended family


Extended family


Maureen Reilette (Rebbie)
Born 29 May 1950


married (1968) Nathaniel Brown (died 6 January 2013)


Born 21 January 1971

married to Rex Salas


London Blue
Born 25 July 2005

Yashi Kareen
5 October 1977

Nathaniel Austin
Born 22 November 1985

Sigmund Esco (Jackie)
Born 4 May 1951


married (1974) and divorced (1987) Enid Spann (born 27 June 1954, died 20 December 1977)

Born 29 June 1977


Jared Esco
Born 19 July 2011

married since 2017 to Toyia Parker

(daughter of Toyia)

Born 22 February 2014

Skyy Okhi Enid
Born 25 August 2018

Anai Icon Katherine
Born 8 March 2020

Born 6 February 1982

married since 18 April 2008 to Emily Besselink

Jaylen Milan
Born 31 December 2013

River T
Born 31 December 2013

Tariano Adaryll (Tito)


married (1972) and divorced (1989) Delores "Dee Dee" Martes (Born 1 April 1955
Died 17 August 1994)

Tariano Adaryll (Taj)
Born 4 August 1973

married since 2013 to Thayana S.C.O.


Taylor Aurora Sco
Born 21 November 2018

Toria Katherine Sco
Born 5 May 2021

Tylee Delores Sco
Born 17 July 2023

Taryll Adren
Born 8 August 1975

children with Breana Cabral


Bryce Connor
Born 20 February 2008

Adren Michael

Born 17 February 2011

Tito Joe (TJ)
Born 16 July 1978

married since 2008 to Frances Casey


Royal Tito Joseph
Born 23 October 1999

Delores Dior (Dee Dee)
Born 20 March 2008

Dallas Jordan Michael (Jo Jo)
Born 30 November 2010

Rio Tito Joe
Born 10 March 2015

Jermaine La Juane
Born 11 December 1954


married (1972) and divorced (1988) Hazel Gordy (born 24 August 1954)

Jermaine La Juane Jr
Born 27 January 1977

in a relationship with Asa Soltan Rahmati


Born 20 January 2017

Autumn Joi
Born 16 June 1978

Jaimy Jermaine
Born 17 March 1987

in a relationship (1986-1993) with Margaret Maldonado

Jeremy Maldonado
Born 26 December 1986

Jourdynn Michael
Born 4 January 1989

married to Marike le Roux


Born 30 November 2017

married (1995) and divorced (2008) Alejandra Loaiza

Donté William (adopted)
Born 13 June 1992

Jaafar Jeremiah
Born 25 July 1996

Jermajesty Jermaine
Born 7 October 2000

married (2009) and divorced (2019) Halima Rashid

in a relationship since 2016 with Maday Velázquez Gutierrez

La Toya Yvonne
Born 29 May 1956

married (1989) and divorced (2002) Jack Gordon
(born 10 November 1939, died 19 April 2005)

Born 12 March 1957
Died within 24 hours after birth

Marlon David
Born 12 March 1957


married since 1975 to Carol Ann Parker

Born 18 December 1976

married and divorced (2009) Chris Laniak


Born 18 August 2006

Born 12 November 2007

Brittny Shauntee

Born 4 September 1978

married since 2007 to Robert Sanchez


Born 27 July 2010

Savanna Bella
Born 2 September 2011

Summer Blue
Born 27 August 2014

Scout Brittny
Born 2 August 2018

Marlon Jr
Born 23 September 1981

Michael Joseph
Born 29 August 1958
Died 25 June 2009


married (1994) and divorced (1996) Lisa Marie Presley

married (1996) and divorced (1999) Debbie Rowe

Michael Joseph Jr (Prince)
Born 13 February 1997

Michael Katherine (Paris)
Born 3 April 1998

Michael Joseph Jr II (Bigi)
Born 21 February 2002

Steven Randall (Randy)
Born 29 October 1961


married (1989) and divorced (1991) Eliza Shaffe

Stevena Randy
Born 17 June 1990

married (1992) and divorced (1994) Alejandra Loaiza

Genevieve Katherine
Born 3 December 1989

married since 2022 to Brandon (Jola) Huguely

Jola Jackson
Born 29 August 2023

Randall Franchesco (Randy)
Born 2 October 1990

Janet Damita Jo
Born 16 May 1996


married (1984) and divorced (1985) James DeBarge

married (1991) and divorced (2000) René Elizondo

married (2012) and divorced (2017) Wissam Al Mana

Born 3 January 2017

The Jackson Family 14 May 2009


This picture is taken from on a family day on 14 May 2009 to commemorate Joe and Katherine's 50 years union. 
Not in this picture are: Randy, Carol, Valencia, Sophia, Noah.
And of course not in this picture are the children who weren't born yet at that time. ;-) 

Image source: Jermaine Jackson's book You Are Not Alone Michael: Through A Brother's Eyes)