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Yashi Kareen Brown Profile


Full name: Yashi Kareen Brown

Pseudonym: Black Daisy

Date of birth: 5 October 1977
Parents: Rebbie Jackson and Nathaniel Brown
Siblings: Stacy and Austin

Yashi Brown is an author poet, speaker, philanthropist and mental health advocate and also born into the legendary Jackson family. Her mother Rebbie Jackson introduced Yashi on the big screen at the tender age of 5 in her hit song and music video “Centipede”.

In the nineties, Yashi formed a group with her sister Stacy and a friend and planned to release music under Michael Jackson's label MJJ Music, however sadly this never happened. Yashi is very talented and does music for a hobby.

As a young adult, Yashi began taking her poetry very seriously when she began experiencing the onset of significant emotional challenges in her early twenties. She moved on to become a passionate and public advocate in the mental health community now successfully living with Bipolar Disorder Type I. She focuses on the issues of social and self-imposed stigma greatly associated with mental heath challenges.

Publicly, Yashi speaks and performs spoken word before patients and faculty in health facilities, at public and private conferences, and major private events.


Yashi Brown 2011 book Black Daisy in a White Limousine 77 Poems


Periwinkle Press, 27 January 2011 (digital release)
Motivational Press LLC., 15 October 2012 (paperback)

77 Poems: The Art of Life, Love & Family is  a collection of poems eloquently chronicling life’s triumphs, challenges and issues affecting humanity. This provocative collection of contemporary poetry eloquently embraces a multitude of subjects from the coming of age experiences of a teenage girl to the inevitable loss of love and innocence of a young woman. Filled with courage, vision and whimsy, the reader gets the sense of a well worn journey that lands safely in a place of strength and hope.


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