Full name: Tariano Adaryll Jackson
Date of birth: 15 October, 1953
Children (with Delores Martes): Taj (1973), Taryll (1975) and TJ (1978)

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Born the third eldest and second eldest brother, many have credited him for the start of the Jackson musical dynasty after his father caught him playing his guitar as a child. A gifted child at a young age, Tito heralded his talent from his father, Joseph, who was the leader of a blues band, called the Falcons. Tito and his brothers Jackie and Jermaine played with Joseph's guitar with Katherine's blessing until Joseph returned home from work. The boys were careful until one time when Tito got used to the guitar that he broke a string. When Joseph went to investigate and found out that his eight-year-old son had been playing with it, he threatened to "whup" him, then changed his mind and got Tito to play for him. Joseph was impressed by Tito's talents and equally impressed with Jackie and Jermaine's vocal talents. It was at this point that Joseph began to envision a singing group for his sons. By 1967, the lineup had included younger brothers Marlon and Michael and they were now known as The Jackson Five. By the time Tito was fifteen, he had moved up from rhythm guitar to lead guitar while Jermaine played bass and sung co-lead with Michael. Tito and his brothers found success after signing with Motown in 1969 and went on to score huge hits from that time on.

Around the same time, Tito had fallen for his highschool sweetheart named Delores "Dee-Dee" Martes and the two married in 1972. The couple went on to have three sons: Taj (1973), Taryll (1975) and TJ (1978). Tito was often known as "the quiet member" of the Jackson family and also "the most serious" of the group.
Tito remained with the group when they signed with Epic in 1976 and left the Jackson 5 moniker to be simply known as The Jacksons. By the end of their careers together in 1990, Tito settled into his private life but not without divorcing Dee Dee that year after eighteen years of marriage. In 1997, Tito and his brothers were inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Around the same time, Tito was managing his three sons' own music career as they had formed as 3T.   
If Tito was the first to make a move in building the Jackson family empire, he was the last of the Jacksons to go solo. In 2003, Tito released his first album and reinvented himself as a blues musician. The solo album, titled "I Gotta Play", only consisted of five songs and none were released as singles. However, since 2003 Tito takes the stage frequently and plays the blues live in concert with the Funk Brothers Band all over the world. In 2012, Tito and his brothers Jackie, Jermaine and Marlon reunited to get back on the road with the Unity Tour.