Soultrain.com presents Music Monday: Colorful Tambourines

Soultrain.com presents today's Music Monday with Austin Brown his newest single “Colorful Tambourines” . The song is a retro ride right down the Soul Train line all the way to the late 70s early 80s. Austin laces the track with his silky falsetto and just a hint of his Uncle Michael’s influence, and infuses an eclectic mix like a kaleidoscope that will have you dancing or wanting to throw on a pair of skates and hit the nearest roller rink. The song is multi-faceted like a prism; no matter what angle you hold it, you’ll see–or, in this case, hear–something different every time you push play. 



You are Not Alone The Musical

David Serero is working on You Are Not Alone The Musical, a stage event inspired by the best-selling book by Jermaine.  The musical takes places on January 21, 27 and 28th 2013 at Théâtre des Variétés in Paris. Jermaine is supposed to attend these dates. 

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Austin at BET Awards: Music Matters Artist

Austin performed at an exclusive pre-BET Awards celebration hosted by producer Jermaine Dupri in honor of Austin being BET's Music Matter Artist. Austin also walked the red carpet of the BET Awards.

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The Jacksons rock the Apollo in New York

Forbes article - Last night in front of Harlem’s Apollo Theater, the only thing thicker than the steamy summer air was the sense of anticipation.

Michael Jackson impersonators pranced across the sidewalk as street vendors proffered glossy photo albums of the brothers, all while camera crews from the major networks looked on. Inside, the surviving members of the Jackson 5—Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie—prepared to take the stage.

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Marlon attends premiere of "Madea's Witness Protection"

Marlon  walked the red carpet for the New York premiere of Tyler Perry's "Madea's Witness Protection" in New York on June 25, 2012.

World remembers Michael on his 3rd death anniversary

Family, friends, fans and media networks all over the world rememberd Michael Jackson on his third death anniversary.  Randy visited his brother's grave at Forest Lawn where he met with fans who had arranged for a thousand roses for Michael and released butterflies. A small town in the south of The Netherland named Schinveld celebrated World Children's Day on June 25 on honor of Michael Jackson. In a recent interview for The Independent Jermaine has said that Barack Obama owes his presidency to Michael, because of everything he has achieved and the doors he opened for the black community. Media networks worldwide boradcasted documentaries and  videos of Michael and on Twitter several hashtags related to Michael were trending throughout the day. Family members Paris, Randy, La Toya, Jackie, TJ, Taryll, Jermaine Jr, Jaafar and Randy Jr. tweeted in remembrance of their father, brother and uncle.  

The Jacksons perform in Motown city Detroit

The Jacksons performed their third show at Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan on June 23rd. The city of motown also brings back memories to the fans and the brothers. The next stop surely will too: the Apollo Theatre in New York on June 28th. 

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Jackson brothers' visit to childhood home stirs warm memories

On Friday June 22nd, Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito Jackson visited their childhood home at 2300 Jackson St. in Gary, Indiana. The brothers received keys to the city and gave out tickets to their Friday night show at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville.

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Jackie speaks to Bleader about the Jackson Five in Chicago

In an Bleader exclusive, Jackie speaks about  the Jackson 5 in Chicago and other childhood memories. This Friday at the Star Plaza in Merrillville, Indiana, the Jacksons return to where they started, more or less. Their current Unity Tour is not only the first time they've played live since Michael Jackson's passing in 2009, it's also the first time Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon (the surviving members of the original Jackson Five—drummer Johnny Jackson died in 2006) have hit the road since 1984. After their final rehearsal last Thursday, I spoke to Jackie Jackson by phone about the Jackson Five's early days in Chicago, White Castle burgers, one particularly supportive midget fan, and the group's emotional return home.

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