Tito Jackson drops new single "One Way Street" (The Gregg Pagani Mix)

Tito Jackson just dropped his brand new single "One Way Street" (The Gregg Pagani Mix)! Make sure you support him by streaming and downloading the song! 

Message to Jaafar Jackson from Dad Jermaine

Jermaine Jackson is proud of his son Jaafar for making his first footprint in the music industry with his single "Got Me Singing". It's just the beginning. Happy birthday, Jaafar! 

Jaafar Jackson releases debut single and music video "Got Me Singing"

Jaafar Jackson released his long anticipated debut single and music video "Got Me Singing" on June 28th 2019! Jaafar is a rising singer, songwriter and entertainer in Los Angeles, California (born 25 July 1996). He is the second youngest son to legendary singer, songwriter, and producer Jermaine Jackson and nephew to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Queen of Pop, Janet Jackson. The music video was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, in de Vidigal community. Jaafar chose that scene as the backdrop for his song, not because his uncle Michael recorded a music video in another favela of Rio de Janeiro in 1996, but because of the passion for rhythmn that the local people have and shows in the music video. Jaafar’s debut full-length album is titled Famous and will be released soon. 

#HonorMJ: Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson & His Philanthropic Work By Posting To The Worldwide Photo Mosaic

Every individual act of kindness helps create a better world for everyone. Michael lived his life by this philosophy, and the strength of his influence is apparent through all of your efforts through the #HonorMJ campaign. To view the mosaic, a visual representation of all of the actions Michael’s fans took this month to honor his legacy visit honormj.michaeljackson.com

As the 10-year anniversary of Michael’s passing nears, what better way to remember Michael than to pay tribute to his lifelong commitment to helping those in need by focusing on his inspiring legacy of philanthropic work. It isn’t just about donating cash – it’s about making a difference in the life of another person, your community or even someone you don’t know. This can take many forms – whether it’s volunteering your time at a homeless shelter or a hospital, donating blood or signing up to be a bone marrow donor, planting a tree, cleaning the trash from a public space such as the beach or a park, or helping someone who is lost find their way. The list is endless, and no selfless act of kindness is too small. Share how you are making things better for others by giving back to your local or global community. Post an image of your humanitarian efforts honoring Michael on Instagram or Twitter starting now using the hashtag #HonorMJ and your post can be added to a worldwide photo mosaic (which will be populated with those images on honormj.michaeljackson.com starting mid-June) and the full mosaic will be revealed on June 25.

Remembering Michael Jackson: The Man. The Music. The Magic.

In remembrance of Michael Jackson and the 10-year anniversary of his passing, please share this official commemoration image brought to you by #MJINNOCENT team and photographer Harrison Funk.

PERSBERICHT [van Team MJInnocent NL]

Wereldwijde herdenkingen en odes aan Michael Jackson

Dinsdag 25 juni is het tien jaar geleden dat de King of Pop plotseling overleed. Fans van Michael Jackson zullen hem op die dag wereldwijd herdenken.

Billboards in Nederland

De actiegroep MJ Innocent zal de muzikale erfenis en de filantropische activiteiten van Michael herdenken. Dat doen ze door wereldsteden van billboards te voorzien met een afbeelding en tekst: ‘Remembering The Man, The Music, The Magic, Michael Jackson’. In Nederland wordt Michael Jackson met deze actie herdacht in Rotterdam. De stad waar het popicoon in 1998 en in 1992 optrad tijdens de Bad en Dangerous wereldtournees, en geschiedenis schreef met zes uitverkochte concerten en het doneren van de opbrengsten aan goede doelen. Verspreid door het centrum van Rotterdam, zijn op negen electronische billboards de afbeelding van Michael Jackson te zien (Rotterdam Coolsing, Rotterdam plaza Weena, Rotterdam Central Plaza Karel Doormanstraat, Rotterdam Central Plaza indoor, metrostation Beurs, Rotterdam Coolsingel Aerts van Nes 1.

Muzikaal tribute in De Melkweg

‘s Avonds verzamelen de Nederlandse  fans zich in De Melkweg in Amsterdam. Daar zal singer-songwriter Bo Saris samen met muzikale vrienden David Goncalves, Jared Grant en Sarah Jane een eerbetoon brengen aan Michael Jackson. Jackie, Tito, Jermaine en Marlon, de broers van Michael Jackson, maakten een videoboodschap om hun steun uit te spreken voor deze tribute.

Liefdadigheid van fans #HonorMJ

De nalatenschap van het legendarische popicoon riep enkele weken geleden de social media campagne #HonorMJ in het leven. Met die actie werden fans opgeroepen om mee te helpen aan het samenstellen van een mozaïek van afbeeldingen. Hierop laten fans zien hoe zij een verschil maken in iemands leven door een daad van liefdadigheid te verrichten. Deze mozaïek wordt op 25 juni onthuld en is een eerbetoon aan de filantropische inspanningen van Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson beeld in China en Milaan

In maart verwijderde McDonald's Nederland na 23 jaar het bekende torenhoge beeld van Michael Jackson bij hun vestiging in Best. Fans in China hebben een eigen beeld laten maken en deze is recentelijk onthuld in Zhengzhou. In de Italiaanse stad Milaan is vorige week een standbeeld van Michael Jackson opgeknapt en feestelijk opnieuw onthuld. Michael Jackson’s standbeeld in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilie en Guangzhou City, China en, Hong Kong werden de afgelopen weken extra veel bezocht.

19.000 rozen bij Michael’s graf

Na het overlijden van de King of Pop, organiseren Amerikaanse fans sinds 2010 dat er op zijn sterfdag rozen bezorgd worden bij Michael’s graf. Middels een online campagne kunnen fans van over de hele wereld via PayPal een bijdrage doen en een roos kopen. Dit jaar zijn er dat een recordaantal, zo’n 19.000 rozen, meer dan in alle voorgaande jaren. Op 26 juni worden de rozen gedoneerd aan goede doelen.

Een moeilijk jaar voor Jackson fans

De Jackson community heeft een moeilijk half jaar achter de rug. De sinds 2013 bekende beschuldigers van Michael Jackson kregen wereldwijd aandacht voor hun aantijgingen van vermeend seksueel misbruik door Michael Jackson. Dit na het uitzenden van hun film, slechts enkele weken nadat zij hun civiele rechtszaken verloren. Een weerwoord werd niet meegenomen. Na veel onderzoek kwamen fans (waaronder vele zelf slachtoffer van seksueel misbruik), maar ook non-fans tot de conclusie dat deze aantijgingen grotendeels in tegenstrijd zijn met de eerdere getuigenissen van dezelfde mannen, in hun eigen aangespannen civiele rechtszaken, daterend uit 2013 en 2014. Het 10-jarig overlijden van Michael valt nu samen met het hoger beroep voor financiële compensatie, dat de mannen hebben aangespannen.

Op 25 juni zal de fan community echter Michael’s muziek herdenken en extra inspanningen voor liefdadigheid verrichten. Zoals Michael dat gewild had.

Janet Jackson on Michael’s legacy, motherhood and life in pop’s first family

In a rare interview, Janet Jackson talked to Matt Rudd about becoming a mum at 50, growing up the youngest Jackson and how music is her therapy in an exclusive for The Sunday Times

Taj Jackson to visit In The Studio With MJ on June 25th

Latest update shared by Taj Jackson on his GoFundMe-page

Preparing for June 25th

June 25th has always been a super hard day for me as I’m sure it is for you as well. Usually the week before, I stay home and just wait for the 25th to pass. But this year I decided to try something different and will be going to the seminar “In the Studio with MJ” inthestudiowithmj.com. I am super excited as not only will I hear great stories about my uncle Michael, but it also allows me to reconnect again with a bunch of people that were important and relevant in my uncle’s life. Most of these people I also plan on interviewing this summer for this project so it will be a perfect opportunity to catch up and talk to them in person before. If you are going, I will see you there and don’t be shy to say “Hi”. 

Handling the hate

We are going to see an influx of Leaving Neverland posts and propaganda as June 25th approaches. I know there are straight up haters out there, but a lot of the public is really just miseducated about Michael Jackson and have been brainwashed by the mainstream media for years. Do your hardest not to name call, just try to politely inform them. Post the facts and do your best to engage in a respectful way. Try approaching it as if they were a misinformed friend. Now if they are just spewing hate, just move on and ignore them… they are probably just seeking attention and clicks. Help spread the word!

Join Taj Jackson on his journey to unmask the truth about Michael Jackson

Taj Jackson started a GoFundMe-campaign in January of 2019 to make an explosive documentary series that will conclusively destroy decades of salacious myths which have been told and sold about Michael Jackson ad nauseam. In doing so, we will shine a light on the corruption within the media and entertainment industries which conceived and perpetuated them.

MJ fam - here we are in 2019, the 10-year anniversary of Michael's passing. We all knew this would be a difficult year for so many of us worldwide. Instead of being able to mourn and properly celebrate and honor Michael Jackson, we are, again, being forced to educate the media and the general public with the evidence-based truth about him.

The worst thing we can do is let this continued slander go unchallenged. Taj Jackson believes that when we as a group are united, we are unstoppable. So he is asking for your help. Join his journey to unmask the truth about Michael Jackson.


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Taryll Jackson debuts as a solo live performer

Taryll Jackson kicked off performing live as part of his solo career and journey. Taryll performed his songs at two events as a guest artist and performed his very first solo debut concert with a band at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on June 8th. Taryll's sons Bryce and Adren and his partner Breana came to The Netherlands to support the events. Father Tito Jackson surprised his middle son and walked into the meet and greet ahead of the concert. Poppa T showed up to support Taryll for a memorable evening and he played the guitar along with the band during the finale of the concert for the song "Paradise".Father Tito Jackson surprised his son Taryll Jackson and walked into the meet and greet ahead ofTaryll's solo debut concert at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on 8 June 2019. Poppa T showed up to support his middle son for a memorable evening and he played along with the band during the finale of the concert for the song "Paradise".

Donte Jackson launches YouTube channel

Donte Jackson launched his YouTube channel where he will be posting weekly to discusses topics for toy collectors, pokémon trainers, and lovers of cartoons and video games...!