Thanks again Siggy and Jackson Truth Radio

Thank you Dealz for another shout out to JacksonSource on Jackson Truth Radio on April 17, 2012. Thanks you guys so much guys for the special shout out and support to Elaine. 


Music Monday presents "Groove 92"

Austin's final Music Monday presents "Groove 92"! Check out this Backpackkids song at live.austinbrown.com. Also enjoy the song video and a video of the song from demo to live stage.

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Janet promoting Nutrisystem in TV commercial

Janet has been plugging the weight loss diet, Nutrisystem, over the past few months and she is showing off her new gag-worthy figure in a commercial for the company. Janet has been very vocal about her struggles with her weight throughout the span of her career while trying out different fitness and nutritional plans, however, this time around she says that she won’t be putting a number on how much she plans to lose: “I’m not viewing this as a diet. I’m not putting a number on it. I don’t look at the scale. I’m going about it in a different way this time.” Check out the new Nutrisystem commercial with Janet.

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Austin red carpet interview at Curls 10th anniversary

CURLS celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary on April 4th at Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge on Hollywood Blv. Austin did a special performance at the event. On the red carpet he (and his friend Victor Ortiz) spoke to Bossip. In this video Austin talks about his music, reveals that he will be doing a tour on the East coast in Summer and that he record will be out in May!

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Austin interview for CollegeCandy

CollegeCandy interviewed Austin Brown at SXSW. Check out this one! -- Austin Brown–this kid’s got it. I couldn’t have been happier to catch Austin’s show at SXSW, and would be a much cooler individual if I could learn his dance moves. The influence of uncle, Michael Jackson, is immediately obvious in Austin’s stage presence. Brown is definitely going places. Check out the interview we did after his set–he was super down to earth and friendly, and loved my Sorry For Partying sunglasses so much, I gave them to him!

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Austin does another UStream session

On a break from rehearsals with the band, Austin did a video sesson on his UStream channel on April 9th, 2012.. Check it out!



Taryll's single "4ever" available on iTunes

Taryll's first ever official solo single "4ever" from the upcoming solo debut EP My Life Without You (scheduled for reelase on May 13, Mother's Day) is now available on iTunes!

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Vote for Austin in Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star Contest

Austin is one of Macy’s Rising Star contestants. Starting today, you will be able to hear his songs “Menage a Trois,” “Write It On The Floor” and “Friend To Me” on US local radio stations. Fans can vote for their favorite artists from April 9 - April 22, which will narrow down the Top Five Finalists. Then, everyone can vote for the winner April 30 - May 13.

VOTE for Austin Brown

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BAD 25th anniversary

The Official Online Team of the Michael Jackson Estate released a BAD25 logo, without revealing details of the image or a project to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the BAD album. According to IndieWire,Spike Lee announced that he recently began filming a piece for the 25th anniversary of the Bad album.