Rebbie Jackson, Yashi and Stacy receive Special Recognition Award at the 2016 Voice Awards

Rebbie Jackson and her daughters Yashi and Stacy will be receiving a Special Recognition Award on Wednesday August 10th at UCLA Royce Hall during the 2016 Voice Awards. The event is organised by SAMHSA, its program partners, and hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show".  This year will highlight the theme “Strengthening Families through Hope and Help.” Admission is open to the public so check out the event registration page and come celebrate other film writers, producers, and consumer/peer advocates making a difference in mental health. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. SAMHSA's mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America's communities.

Japan Today: Jackie Jackson speaks on touring Japan, remembering Michael

Japan Today: TOKYO — Sigmund Esco “Jackie” Jackson came from a large musical family. With his brothers, they formed a group known as The Jackson 5 from their hometown of Gary, Indiana. Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael went on to create history and songs that would change the world of popular music. In a phone interview with Jackie Jackson, he speaks about growing up with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and coming to Japan this summer. Being a teenager in the 1960s allowed Jackson to concentrate on music. While growing up in Gary, Indiana, he says, “In the early days, the neighborhood was interested in music because there were a lot of talent shows going around during that time. Everybody was forming a group to introduce to some big major shows that were happening all around us. It was very exciting for kids of our age to be on stage singing. They gave us a platform to showcase our talent.”

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Jermaine Jackson Urges ITV Not To Put Conrad Murray In 'I'm A Celeb' Jungle

Jermaine Jackson isn’t pleased with claims Conrad Murray - the doctor convicted with the manslaughter of his brother Michael - could be signing up for ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’, and has put in an impassioned plea to ITV. Reports that Conrad could be set for a stint in the jungle began circulating earlier this week, and Jermaine is now calling on the producers to ditch the rumoured plans. In a string of tweets, which were also highly critical of the attention of Conrad is receiving for his new book, he wrote:

1. Jurors didn't believe a word out of Conrad Murray's mouth. Nor should anyone now. He & his trashy book can't be taken seriously. #clown
2. Murray's recklessness killed Michael, and his book-promoting lies are transparent: the desperate deflections of a guilty, odious man.
3. Also, Conrad Murray reportedly in talks re UK show 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!' No way @itv & @antanddec can stoop so low.
4. I urge @itv to maintain sense of decency & not use Michael's death/killer for sick entertainment value. Despicable to even consider it.
5. Every fan should lobby @itv and @antanddec to ensure they do the right thing, and NOT reward Michael's killer w/$$$ & spotlight.
Silence from @itv re our concerns that Murray is being lined up for 'I'm A Celebrity...' All producers have to say is 'No, he won't feature'

Conrad’s agent confirmed talks about his inclusion in the new series of the ITV reality show, telling The Mirror: “It is true. We are talking to the show’s producers about having Conrad in the jungle for the next show.” Conrad Murray served two years of his four year sentence. ‘I’m A Celeb’ is still months away from beginning, but there are already plenty of rumours about who could be signing up.

Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and TJ Jackson sue Radar Online for $100m over abuse allegations

Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and TJ Jackson are suing celebrity gossip site radar Online that published stories alleging they were sexually abused and bribed by their uncle Michael, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson filed a $100m libel lawsuit against Radar Online on Wednesday. The suit comes after Radar Online wrote multiple stories last month stating Michael Jackson stockpiled “images of pornography, animal torture, S&M and gore in a bid to seduce innocent young boys”, based off of a 2003 police search of his Neverland ranch home. “The detectives’ report cites Michael even used sexy photos of his own nephews in their underwear to excite young boys,” one article on the site alleged, referring to the three Jackson nephews. “Radar has tried to profit by launching a vicious and unrelenting attack on [Jackson] based on claims that, years ago, he was guilty of sexual abuse, even though, at the time, he was found ‘not guilty’ of that very charge,” entertainment lawyer Bert Fields, who represents the Jacksons, wrote in the suit. “Radar represents its ‘reports’ as ‘new’ and based on official ‘Detective Reports’. Not only have those Detective Reports been available to the public for many years, Radar has misrepresented what the Reports say,” Fields continued. The suit claims the stories are false and defamatory, spawned similar reports about Jackson and his nephews by other news outlets and damaged Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson “personally and professionally”, according to the Los Angeles Times. The family members said the “sexy” photos were from an album photo shoot and denied that the images were used to “excite young boys” or that they were bribed to stay quiet about it, according to the Times. “None of them was ever sexually abused by Michael Jackson or ever had any sort of sexual contact with him,” Fields wrote in the complaint. “None of plaintiffs ever, in any way, resisted any effort by detectives to inquire about Michael Jackson’s supposed criminal conduct.” The Jacksons requested the stories be corrected, but were denied, according to the suit. 


Singersroom: Get In Line! Tito Jackson’s “Get It Baby” Becomes The Line Dance Song Of The Summer

Singersroom: As Tito Jackson’s debut solo single “Get It Baby” rises on the Billboard charts (currently at #19), the song continues to blow up on dance floors everywhere. The song is the latest dance craze that has taken over the nation as the official “Line Dance of the summer.” Audiences from coast to coast have created their own rendition of the “Tito Dance” aka The GET IT BABY Line Dance.  One of the particular line dances will be showcased at the National Line Dance Convention in Las Vegas later this month.

See the line dance (which has over 1 million views) and more dance videos on Tito's Facebook page

Taryll Jackson to launch EDM debut "Believe in Love" August 8th

Taryll Jackson's EDM debut EP "Believe In Love" wil be out on his birthday August 8th! Stay tuned and follow @taryll on Instagram and keep checking www.taryll.com!

Gifted With Bipolar: Yashi Brown (HuffPost Rise)

Watch poet and mental health advocate Yashi Brown considering bipolar disorder more of a blessing than a curse. Video is courtesy of Huffington Post Black Voices

Jackson Source Exclusive - Austin Brown Interview in Paris

Austin Brown played his first two European gigs on July 1st and 2nd in a jam packed Théâtre de la Contrescarpe in the artistic Quartier Latin Paris. Austin totally killed and rocked it on stage with just a mic and a guitar showcasing his talents, his amazing personality, his love for music and premiering and a lot of his new songs. In the very up close and personal shows, Austin brought love peace, harmony and unity to Paris. Just minutes before the second gig, Jackson Source was fortunate to ask Austin a couple of questions about his new music, his upcoming single and about the chance for him to ever collaborate with any of his family members.

Go to youtube.com/jacksonsource to watch exclusive videos of Austin performing in Paris. 

 © Video is filmed by and courtesy of JACKSON SOURCE (Janneke van der Linden). Apologies, the dressing room was so small that there was no way to exclude myself from the video. 

Jermaine Jackson on German TV show "Klein gegen Gross - Das unglaubliche Duell"

Jermaine Jackson is in Berlin, Germany for the recordings of TV show "Klein gegen Gross - Das unglaubliche Duell" on Sunday July 3rd. Kai Pflaume presents a new edition of his family show in which children aged 6 to 14 years old with a special talent play in unusual disciplines against prominent opponents. Information on when the show airs will be announced later. 

Billboard debuts Debuts Prince Michael Jackson-Produced "Automatic" Video

Rapper/singer Omer Bhatti plays super hero in the clip for his latest single "Automatic," making its debut on Billboard. Shot in less than a week, the video -- directed by Chris Perez and produced by Michael Jackson's son, Prince Michael Jackson -- was a collaborative artistic vision. "Automatic" serves as the full-length production debut from Prince Michael Jackson's King's Son Productions. Prince Michael, who stars in the clip, says, "It’s inspired by the cinematic music videos that my dad made back in the day. It's hard to describe what it was like working on this video. It didn't feel like work -- I was learning so much from all the crew members as well as having the good fortune to be working with close friends of mine." He continues, "Working on this project felt like the beginning of a dream come true. I remember being on set and seeing the magnitude of the set and realizing, 'Wow, we're really doing this.'" 

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