The Jacksons give back to Gary, Indiana and plan museum and cafe devoted to the Jackson legacy

Jackie and Tito visited West Side Leadership in whirlwind tour of school's arts department. From the minute they stepped into the building, the brothers were treated to performances by the orchestra, the dance department and more. 

The Jackson brothers took a stroll down memory lane on Windy City LIVE, reflecting on their rise to stardom and their childhood in Gary, Indiana. Plus, Jackie Jackson shared how his late younger brother Michael Jackson is still a part of his life today.

The Jacksons are working with Hardrock casino's developers to establish a museum and cafe devoted to the Jackson legacy, so they will be back in Gary more often. Plans for a new Hard Rock Casino in Gary began to come to fruition on January 9th as the officials broke ground on the $300 million project. Jackie, Tito and Marlon, returned to the area for the event. A Jacksons themed museum and restaurant is also in the plans to eventually be part of the development. The casino will include a sportsbook and a live performance venue. Officials promise the casino will generate a thousand construction jobs and 1,800 permanent jobs.

Jermaine Jackson Blue Note Tokyo JAM OFF STAGE interview

Read Jermaine Jackson's exclusive OFF STAGE interview for the Blue Note Tokyo as published on their website and in their JAM print magazine Vol.213 JAN - FEB (in Japanese). 


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RTL Exclusive: Jaafar Jackson

Released on June 28, 2019, “Got Me Singing” was produced by Hardy Indiigo and is streaming across all media platforms. Jaafar also recorded a mix of “Got Me Singing” with a team and label called Lentrome in Germany and that release in 2020 is meant to target European markets.

TJ Jackson drops second debut single #IDDT

TJ Jackson dropped his second debut single titled "I Don't Deserve This" on November 15th on all streaming platforms worldwide. A music video for the song is going to be recorded and released within a few weeks. TJ has announced that he has a lot of music in store for us and he plans to share another song every two months for the next two years!  

Streams of Michael Jackson's Music Have Increased

While radio fell 32 percent in the 31 weeks after Finding Neverland, on-demand streaming consumption of MJ’s music has outpaced the rest of the industry.

In March, HBO's harrowing four-hour, two-part documentary Leaving Neverland reexamined allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck that Michael Jackson had repeatedly sexually abused them when they were children in the 1980s and 1990s. And the explosive program had the late star's fans — as well as radio programmers — fiercely debating whether his hits would, or should, be played again.

The backlash was fast and fierce. Reviewers predicted the film would devastate Jackson's legacy; Oprah Winfrey agreed to sympathetic interviews of Robson and Safechuck on HBO; radio stations in New Zealand and Canada pulled Jackson's music. In response, Jackson's family called the allegations a "public lynching," pointing out that Jackson, who was found innocent of child-­molestation charges in a 2005 trial, was not around to defend himself. The late singer's estate filed a $100 million lawsuit against HBO. (The estate declined to comment.)

In the immediate aftermath, U.S. radio airplay of Jackson's catalog dropped precipitously. According to a Billboard analysis of Nielsen Music data, in the four weeks prior to Leaving Neverland, his songs averaged 14,000 spins per week at radio, while in the 31 weeks afterward, through Oct. 3, stations played his music an average of 11,000 times. The radio audience for Jackson's music fell 32.1% during this period. 

Yet people kept listening to Jackson's music. During the same 31-week period, Billboard found that streaming consumption of Jackson's catalog never saw a decline — on-demand streams of Jackson's catalog actually increased by 22.1%, outpacing the industry's 21.8% growth.

"After I saw the documentary and played Michael Jackson, I got on the mic and said, 'I hope no one here saw the documentary,' and people didn't say a word," says Jeff Wittels, owner and DJ at Retroclubnyc, a New York dance club that spins '70s, '80s and '90s hits. "They couldn't care less."

WFEZ Miami, which reaches 1 million listeners, "backed off" on the amount of spins of Jackson's music after the documentary aired, according to branding and program director Gary Williams. "But as far as complaints go, I maybe got two emails," he says. "As soon as we went back [to playing Jackson's music], we got a positive response."

"These are some of my top-­testing songs, and you want to give the listeners what they want," adds WRRM Cincinnati program director Brian Demay. "If the listeners haven't complained, don't sacrifice your product." 

Such listener loyalty bodes well for the Jackson estate, which has been rolling out new projects including a Broadway musical, set to debut in August 2020, and a 1,000-copy box set containing LPs and Blu-ray discs. Sony reps were prepping the box set before Leaving Neverland, and Scott Carter, senior vp marketing for Epic Records and Legacy Recordings, says the allegations had no impact on the release: "The basics for this were drummed up before that even happened."

"We got more emails saying, 'Thank you for playing this' versus 'Why are you playing it?' " says WALR Atlanta branding and program director Terri Avery. "And what would Halloween be without 'Thriller'?"

This article originally appeared in the Oct. 19 issue of Billboard.

Tito Jackson drops official music video for "One Way Street"

Tito Jackson released the official music video for his single "One Way Street" (The Gregg Pagani Mix) which is the first music video for his solo song so make sure to check it at his YouTube channel and leave your comments! 

Square One: New Evidence in Michael Jackson Case | Full Documentary

Square One is a documentary that investigates the first ever 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson. It strategically uncovers new evidence and information through interviews with people closest to the case. These interviews showcase never-before-heard public statements from witnesses, Michael Jackson’s nephew, and legal assistant to the prosecutor in ‘93.

Jermaine Jackson Live at The Blue Note Tokyo

Jermaine Jackson is performing four full lenght concerts with a band at The Blue Note Tokyo in Japan on November 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th! Get your tickets here



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TJ Jackson On Michael Jackson, Forgiving Oprah, Dating Kim Kardashian & Britney Spears

TJ Jackson stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about new music, but the conversation got deeper into his relationship with his uncle Michael Jackson, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears. He also got in to why he forgives Oprah for her role in the documentary about Michael Jackson. TJ's solo debut single " Insomnia" drops September 6th on all streaming platforms worldwide. 

TJ Jackson Announces Debut Project

TJ Jackson will release his long awaited debut project! After years of writing for other artists (Janet Jackson, Lindsey Lohan), TJ is ready to embark on a triumphant solo career. “Insomnia” is TJ's first single release as a solo artist, giving the audiences a taste of that Jackson magic with a TJ twist. TJ Jackson's solo debut single “Insomnia” is available on all digital stores and streaming platforms on September 6th.