Jermaine Jackson comments on The Estate: "We created this success. Why do we have to fight to get back what was ours?"

Jermaine also commented on his sister Janet's pregnancy:

Janet Jackson releases new music video "Dammn Baby"

ET was on the set with Janet Jackson at the shoot of her new music video and shared behind the scenes footage.

Jermaine Jackson exclusive interview on The Bisi Olatilo Show (BOS)

Watch Jermaine Jackson's exclusive interview with Bisi Olatilo on The Bisi Olatilo Show known as ‘BOS’, the Flagship of all TV talk shows in Nigeria with millions of viewers. The video is courtesy of BISCON. 

JET catches up with Tito Jackson talking about music, new album and "Tito Time"

Shameika Rhymes catches up with Tito Jackson to talk about music, the new album and "Tito Time". Read the article and interview on JetMag.com. 

Jermaine Jackson: The Jacksons African tour to raise funds for IDP's, orphans and widows in the country

Jermaine Jackson, said the forthcoming global tour of The Jacksons would be used to raise money for internally displaced persons, orphans and widows in the country. Jermaine, told journalists on Thursday 28th) in Abuja that the global tour would kick off in some Nigerian cities, adding that three concerts and two special performances would hold in some unnamed cities. Jermaine explained that he was touched by the plight of the IDPs hence his plan to raise money to alleviate their challenges. 

“The global tour which would feature other members of the Jackson 5 group, will start in Nigeria where we would raise money for the internally displaced persons. We would perform five concerts in Nigeria and then move to other African countries and to other parts of the world,” he stated.

Jermaine said some local artistes would also perform alongside the Jackson 5, adding that the tour was meant to celebrate the group’s 50th anniversary on stage. 

Jermaine Jackson plans Performing Arts School in Lagos, Nigeria

Jermaine Jackson is in Lagos, Nigeria and has disclosed that the family is planning to build the Jackson Academy Performing Art School in Lagos to raise up musical talents. Jermaine paid a courtesy visit to the Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde on Friday in Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria and hinted of plan to site an academy to train up Nigerians and Africans in the area of music. Jermaine, who led a team on a tour of Nigeria to mark the Jackson Golden Jubilee in performance on stage, said there were lots of great talents in Nigeria that needed to be trained and given bright future. “There is a lot of great talents here and we want to use our 50 years of experience in being in the business to teach the arts. We want to construct the Jackson Academy Performing Art School here. It will have a curriculum and also will teach music, directing, film, lightening, producing, dancing and so on. We want to get the talents here ready for the global market. I do believe that the drums and the beat started from here,” Jermaine said. According to him, “we are going to give you nice compilation of songs that you know and I am just very honoured to be here because we have been kept away from you because of the politics and we are not interested in such politics because we are people who cared about people. We need to have a closer relationship with African-American and the rest of Africa because we have been separated for long and we can reach out to do other things.” Jermaine said civilization began in Africa and that “we have always been interested in knowing the beginning of civilization. We are bringing a team together of people who can produce a concert. It’s been 50 years for the Jacksons. I like coming here because I have a lot of questions. I was just in China and I learnt that the first dynasty that started in China came from Africa here and I had a professor in China to tell me this. That made me very proud and the world needs to know this because in our history books in America because they don’t put this there. They don’t want us to know this but when you travel and you have the opportunity to see things for yourself, you will realize that the history books were written by someone else and it is their version and it is their interpretation of what happened which is usually not the truth,” Jermaine added. 

Steve Ayorinde stated that The Jacksosn 50th anniversary celebration coincided with the plan by the Lagos State Government to mark the 50th year anniversary of Lagos, saying that Lagos is now the oldest state in Nigeria as it had not been divided like others. “Lagos State is the oldest State Nigeria now as it has been indivisible. Other states have had states created out of them. Lagos State being the most populated and prosperous in Nigeria, we thought it deserves celebration and we are starting a year long celebration from May 29. “We welcome the idea that the golden tour of the Jacksons in Africa starts fom Nigeria and Lagos. We encourage the organiser of the tour, that we will welcome collaboration from you. The Jackson at 50 and Lagos at 50, we welcome collaboration,” he said. Ayorinde added that the Jackson’s tour coincided with the International Jazz Day, which Governor Akinwunmi Ambode would be hosting on Saturday evening to showcase the world of Jazz to lovers of the music, while extending invitation to Jackson and his team.

Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde (right); with Jermaine Jackson of the defunct Jackson 5 during Jackson’s visit to the Lagos State Government, at the Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja, on Friday, April 29, 2016.

Jermaine confirmed readiness to participate at the star-studded Jazz concert being put together by the Lagos State Government in commemoration of the 2016 International Jazz Day. The concert, which is to be hosted by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, will hold at the Lagos House in Alausa, Ikeja onSaturday, April 30 by 5pm. Jermaine, who confirmed his readiness to participate at the festival during a press conference held at the Lagos state ministry of information and strategy, Alausa, said he would be at the festival to support the government and array of international and local artists who would be performing.

Photo:  Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde (right) with Jermaine Jackson during Jackson’s visit to the Lagos State Government, at the Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja, on Friday, April 29, 2016. 

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Janet Jackson to produce Lifetime movie on 1920s gangster “Queenie”

float: right; Janet Jackson is set to produce a Lifetime movie about Queenie, the only female gangster in Prohibition Era New York City, which will be set against the backdrop of the legendary Cotton Club. Kenny Leon, known for A Raisin In The Sun, will be directing the movie. The mobster, whose real name was Stephanie St. Clair, did not only run several criminal businesses out of Harlem in the 1920s, but was also a strong advocate for the black community, calling out police brutality and discrimination in columns she wrote for the local newspaper getting involved in “policy banking” (an illegal way of investment banking, at a time when many banks would not accept black customers). She spent ten years in prison after being accused of shooting her husband (although accounts vary on whether she actually did). She died peacefully (and rich) at the age of 82, in 1960.

Jermaine Jackson visits and meets APC National leader Bola Tinubu in Ikoyi, Lagos

Jermaine Jackson visited APC National leader, Bola Tinubu at his Ikoyi, Lagos home on April 28th. Photo credit: E.G Bakare.

The Jacksons launch new official website

The Jacksons just launched a new official website at www.thejacksons.live, and they arrived on Instagram with a new official account at www.instagram.com/hayvenhurst and they now have a page on Soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/hayvenhurst. Follow the official pages to stay updated on the latest of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon...The Jacksons! 


Jermaine Jackson presents US$2 million "Most Valuable Guitar" in the world in Hong Kong

Jermaine Jackson presented the Guinness World Records "Most Valuable Guitar" at Hong Kong Convention Centre on April 19th, 2016. The extravagant instrument art piece, a Gibson SG, titled ‘Circles of Life’ is encrusted with 16,033 Swarovski gemstones and is co-designed by Jermaine Jackson (and product director of Aaron Shum Jewelry Alice Trinh) and sponsored by Swarovski Gemstones. The guitar also holds the Guiness World Records title of "Most Jewels on a Guitar". Jermaine also Jackson paid a visit on April 19th, 2016 to HKTDC Design Gallery in Hong Kong where (his) Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry is on display and for sale!