Highway 85

Highway 85
Rolette Inc, 2017
South 5 Records / Rolette Inc, 2013
South 5 Records, 2012

Highway 85 is a collection of music presented with various tracklists over the course of a few years. Originally released on SoundCloud as the EP Highway Mixtape 85 on December 24th, 2012, the set of music was released on digital platforms with a bonus track ("Feel It Again") on June 29th, 2013, then withdrawn on all digital music stores and then re-released on digital platforms again on February 6th, 2017 with a couple of songs added and replaced. Many songs were also presented in Austin Brown 2012Music Mondays 

Intro (2017 addition)  
Highway to the Sky
Ménage a Trois
Volcano (2012 edition)
Midnight Man (2017 addition)
Where Were You
City of Angels
What Did I Lose to Love You
F'd With My Mind
All I Need Interlude (2017 addition)
Groove 92
Peace (2017 addition)
She (2017 addition)
To Love Her
We Could Be
All I Need
All I Need feat. David Banner (2012 edition)
Feel It Again (2013 edition)