After participating on the Big Reunion TV series and performing on the season's finale, 3T went on tour with boy bands of the first and second season of the series. Along with bands Five, 911, Blue, A1, Damage and 5th Story, the T's join the 13-date Big Reunion Boy Band Tour in October of 2014 in the United Kingdom. The tour marked 3T’s stage comeback in which they perform four of their biggest hits live for their fans.

Date   Country  Place
21 February 2014     United Kingdom    London
17 October 2014 United Kingdom Sheffield
18 October 2014 United Kingdom London
19 October 2014 United Kingdom Nottingham
20 October 2014 United Kingdom Cardiff
21 October 2014 United Kingdom Birmingham
22 October 2014 United Kingdom Bournemouth
23 October 2014 United Kingdom Brighton
25 October 2014 United Kingdom Glasgow
26 October 2014 United Kingdom Manchester
27 October 2014 United Kingdom Leeds
28 October 2014 United Kingdom Liverpool
29 October 2014 United Kingdom Aberdeen
30 October 2014 United Kingdom  Newscastle

“I really loved performing on the tour. Every show, every night, you could feel the love in the arenas coming from the crowd. You could literally feel the positive energy. I feed off of that. I really do, It’s my fuel. And on stage, I do my best, to give all of that love back.”

Taj Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2014 edition

“I had a great time, I thought all the other bands were great and I enjoyed the experience and I would do it again. I just loved to be on stage, I loved performing and being with my brothers and all the bands were really good and a lot of fun to be around.” our fans.”

Taryll Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2014 edition

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect the first time we went on stage in Hammersmith, I really didn’t know what type of response we would get or if there would be a good audience for us. I remember being on stage and after the few first notes of “Anything” I heard a big roar and it really felt good and relaxed me and made me feel comfortable again.” our fans.”

Taryll Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2014 edition

“We had been gone for so long and it was a nice way for us to perform our hit songs in front of the fans so it wasn’t really hard to do that because we have done it so many times in our lives. It was a starting lot to relaunch our careers...” our fans.”

Taryll Jackson in Jackson Magazine 2014 edition