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Taryll, the middle T, is a full-time musician, writing, composing and producing songs for both 3T and a myriad of other artists. And for himself. 

Since 2009 Taryll shares his tunes and songs from the early writing and creative stages to the finished product.

In 2012, Taryll launched his solo career with the release of the EPs My Life Without You and Undeniable

In 2016, Taryll launched his EDM career. Besides remixes for other artists, he also shared teaser snippets of songs by his own titled “Believe in Love”, “Crashing Waves” and “Only 1 U Luv”. “Start It All Over Again” was presented in 2017 as the first full track of more to come. Taryll invites you to follow him online and get to know him as he sets out to hit the Main Stage as a DJ and Producer.

In 2019, Taryll released his album Crazy Love and debuted as live performer with a band with a concert in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

In 2020, Taryll celebrates his 8 years of the digital music experience. With completely remastered songs, special mixes, previously unreleased songs, bonus tracks and more!

Release: 8 January 2021
Format: Single, digital download and streaming

Country: worldwide
Released: 18 February 2020
Format: Single, digital download and streaming

The Next Time I Fall In Love 3:16 
The Next Time I Fall In Love (Quiet Storm) 3:16

Country: worldwide
Released: 22 April 2019
Format: EP, digital download and streaming

1. Without Your Love 3:37
2. All I Care About Is You 3:15
3. Crazy Love 3:07
4. Let It Groove 3:29
5. Make You Mine 3:33
6. A Long Time 2:48
7. You Can Say 2:47
8. That's What You Get 3:00
9. Only One You Love 3:20
10. Paradise 3:36


Country: worldwide
Released: 30 October 2018
Format: single, digital download and streaming - not available anymore

1. Next Time

Country: worldwide
Released: 12 August 2018
Format: single, digital download and streaming

1. No Limit (Radio Edit) 3:06

Country: worldwide
Year: 2017
Format: EP, digital download and streaming

1. I Could Be The One (TARYLL Remix) / Avicii (with Nicky Romero)
2. Siren (TARYLL Remix) / Vicetone (featuring Pia Toscano)
3. Closer (TARYLL Remix) / The Chainsmokers
4. Side To Side (TARYLL Remix) / Ariana Grande (featuring Nicki Minai)
5. We Don't Talk Anymore (TARYLL Remix) / Charlie Puth (featuring Selena Gomez)

Country: worldwide
Released: 12 September 2017
Format: single, digital download and streaming

1. Start It All Over Again 4:30

Country: worldwide
Released: 29 August 2012
Format: EP, digital download and streaming

1. Undeniable 4:06
2. Can’t Stop Falling in Love 3:46
3. Tonight 4:09
4. Hope 4:00
5. You Girl 4:39
6. Dance Floor 4:17
7. What Can I Do to Change Your Mind? 4:22
8. Best of All Time 3:33


Country: worldwide
Released: 13 May 2012
Format: EP, digital download and streaming

1. My Life Without You 3:55
2. When You Come Back To Earth 4:14
3. Doubt 2:39
4. 4Ever 4:11
5. Be My Girl 3:22 *
6. When It Falls Down 3:21
7. Unlove You 4:24


Taryll shared his journey of creating solo and digital music since 2006 by previewing early, rough or demo versions of his tunes online through various platforms. Many of those tracks ended up being mastered and released on the  Digital 8 (Bonus Songs) project. 

  • Much Too Soon (Michael Jackson Tribute) (Soundcloud, 2011) 
  • Right On Time (website, 2009)
  • It’s Over Now (website, 2009)
  • 2Much4Me (website, 2009)
  • Just Say The Word (website, 2009)
  • Proud (website, 2009)
  • Twitter Twitter (Follow Me) (website, 2009)
  • Be My Girl (early version) *
  • Don’t Say (website, 2007)
  • Don’t Say (Acoustic) (website, 2007)
  • Coming Soon (MySpace, 2007)
  • What’s Behind Your Name (MySpace, 2007)
  • One Last Time (MySpace, 2007)
  • 2007 - features snippets of the songs “What’s Behind Your Name”, “Tonight”, “So In Love”, “Be My Girl” and “I’m Not Gonna Be” (MySpace, 2007)
  • So In Love (MySpace, 2006)
  • I’m Not Gonna Be (MySpace, 2006)
  • My Page (MySpace, 2006)

* This early version of “Be My Girl” is released on Adidas 2 - The Music album in 2010.