Hello World (2009)

Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection
Motown, Universal Music Group, 2009

Digital download and box set including 6 CD's of six albums Michael Jackson recorded under Motown. 

Got To Be There
1. Ain't No Sunshine
2. I Wanna Be Where You Are
3. Girl Don't Take Your Love from Me
4. In Our Small Way"
5. Got to Be There
6. Rockin' Robin
7. Wings of My Love
8. Maria (You Were the Only One)
9. Love Is Here and Now You're Gone
10.You've Got a Friend

11. Ben
12. The Greatest Show on Earth
13. People Make the World Go Round
14. We've Got a Good Thing Going
15. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
16. My Girl
17. What Goes Around Comes Around
18. In Our Small Way (studio countdown not released on the original album)
19. Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day
20. You Can Cry on My Shoulder

21. Don't Let It Get You Down" (Original Mix) (from Anthology: The Best of Michael Jackson)
22. You've Really Got a Hold on Me" (Original Mix)
23. Melodie" (Original Mix) (from Anthology: The Best of Michael Jackson)
24. Touch the One You Love" (Original Mix)

Music & Me
1. With a Child's Heart
2. Up Again
3. All the Things You Are
4. Happy (Love Theme from Lady Sings the Blues)
5. Too Young
6. Doggin' Around
7. Johnny Raven
8. Euphoria
9. Morning Glow
10. Music and Me

Forver, Michael
11. We're Almost There
12. Take Me Back
13. One Day in Your Life
14. Cinderella Stay Awhile
15. We've Got Forever
16. Just a Little Bit of You
17. You Are There
18. Dapper Dan
19. Dear Michael
20. I'll Come Home to You

21. Girl You're So Together" (Original Mix)
22. Farewell My Summer Love" (Original Mix)
23. Call on Me (Original Mix) (from Anthology: The Best of Michael Jackson)

Looking Back to Yesterday
1. When I Come of Age
2. Teenage Symphony
3. I Hear a Symphony
4. Give Me Half a Chance
5. Love's Gone Bad
6. Lonely Teardrops
7. You're Good for Me
8. That's What Love Is Made Of
9. I Like You the Way You Are (Don't Change Your Love on Me)
10.Who's Lookin' for a Lover
11.I Was Made to Love Her
12. If'n I Was God

13. To Make My Father Proud" (Original Mix)
14. Here I Am (Come and Take Me)" (Original Mix)
15. Twenty-Five Miles" (Original Mix) (from The Original Soul of Michael Jackson)

Farewell My Summer Love
16. Don't Let It Get You Down"
17. You've Really Got a Hold on Me
18. Melodie
19. Touch the One You Love
20. Girl You're So Together
21. Farewell My Summer Love
22. Call on Me
23. Here I Am (Come and Take Me)
24. To Make My Father Proud